Mathematical Association of America

Integration Bee

Student Integration Bee

Intermountain Section Meeting

University of UtahSalt Lake City

Saturday, March 24

1:30-3:30 pm


Each school may bring 3-4 undergraduate contestants who will compete individually for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes!


Please encourage your students to participate!


Details below:


Official Rules for the 2007 Integration Bee Competition:



1.      Participants must correctly solve indefinite single variable integrals in the time allotted.  Techniques include:

·        Integrals or powers and trig functions

·        Substitution

·        Integration by parts

·        Partial fraction decomposition

·        Trig substitutions

·        Integrals of powers of trig functions

·        Integrals of hyperbolic functions

·        Completing the square

·        Elimination of radicals by substitution


2.   Participants will take turns at the board.  The first participant will have 2 minutes to evaluate an integral.  If this is not done correctly, the second participant will have 1 minute on the same integral. If he fails, the third will have 30 seconds on this integral. If all three fail then a new integral will be given to the fourth contestant and the sequence repeats. If the integral is evaluated correctly, the next participant gets a new integral and 2 minutes.


3.   The 1st round is expected to be double elimination.  If there are a large number of contestants, the 1st round will be single elimination.


4.   Those remaining after the 1st round will participate head to head in a “lightning round”.  Students in the round will work on a problem for 2 minutes.  Anyone not producing a correct response will be eliminated.  If everyone is eliminated in a round, a new problem will be given.


5.   Timers and judges will be chosen from among faculty and graduate students in the section.


For information contact:

Ann Marie Harris


Please let me know how many students are participating so that we can be prepared.

(Student registration fees cover the cost to participate.)



March 23-24, 2007, Salt Lake City, Utah