Canyon Tales
Tales of an Incompetent Adventurer • Ram   ( COLLECTION )
Letters from the Desert • Steve Allen   ( COLLECTION )
Descents • Dennis Turville
Endangered Canyons of Utah • Harvey Halpern ( PHOTOGRAPHY )
Backcountry Asian Cooking • Harvey Halpern
Minislot Guide to the Colorado Plateau • Dave Pimental
Canyons of Southern Utah Map (5MB) Stefan Folias
10th Anniversary of the Canyons e–Group   ( COLLECTION )
Bill Wolverton’s War with the Russian Olive ( COLLECTION )
Middle Escalante Deluge • Stefan Folias

Birch Creek Descent • Brian Cabe
First Trip in Heaps • Bo Beck
Das Boot • Dave Pitney
Arrogance • Ram
Booby Trap • Ram
S & M • Marjorie McCloy
The River Trip • Marjorie McCloy
Buckskin on Ice • Jud Eades
Skunk Rescue • Mike Putiak
God’s Own • Julien Sénamaud
Chasm of Doom • Shane Burrows
Sandthrax • Hank Moon
North Wash TR • Mike Dallin
Baptism by Fire • Mike Dallin
The Search for Canyon Light • Mike Dallin
Like Water Falling through the Air • Lori Curry

Confessions of a Kiddie Canyoneer • Buzz Burrell
Imlay Goes Au Natural • Steve Brezovec & Brian Cabe
Leprechaun the Hard Way • Rob Heineman
My Dinner with Slog King • Mike Dallin
Corral Canyon • Mike Dallin
Cable Canyon • Mike Dallin
Impossible? • Scott Patterson
Quandary • Wyoming Dave
Danger Day • Penny Martens
To Hall & Back • Randi Poer
Obsession • Malia McIlvenna
Across the Ages • Penny Martens
Dirty Devil Float • Tyson Nunemacher
Dating in Wilderness • Ram & Judy Seybold
Snakes and Ladders in Big Tony • Mark Rosen

Reflections on Canyoneering • Joe Wrona
Heaps Canyon • Scott Holley & Steve Brezovec
Triple Digit Canyoneering • Roylnn Serati
Musings & Recollections • Matt Smith
Frogs & Coyotes • Julien Sénamaud
Heaps ... Revisited • Randi Poer
Two–way Imlay • Scott Card
The Flood • Phillip Rhoades
Freezefest II • Ram
Christmas in Choprock • Ram
Christmas in Imlay • Ram
Sheena • Chris Avery
Bypass My Ass • Ram
The Sniff Test • Tom Jones
Shenanigans • ed. Penny Martens
Not Mindbender • Lisa Jennings
Juggin’ in Sally Mae • Chris Avery
Neon Keeper Descended • Mark Rosen
Another Ram Moment • Dave Pimental
An Unexpected Sleepover  •  Eric Godfrey
Little Mid Fk N. Mid Fk Robbers Roost • Steve Mestdagh

It’s a Dirty Devil • Harvey Halpern
Ancient Wonders • Wyoming Dave
To the Pot of Gold and Back • Paul Fife
The Saga of the Yawning Throats • Paul Fife
Teardrops in the Waterpocket Fold • Paul Fife
Temptation of Color • Phillip Rhoades
The Bird Goddess of Lake Powell • Stan Wagon
H. Pace 1872 Inscription • D. Pimental & J. Knipmeyer
Wilderness at the Edge · Introduction • Wallace Stegner
Invasive Plants on the Rampage • J. Baird & M. Havnes
Invasive Weeds Threaten Native Species • Joe Baird
The Man Who Saves Nat’l Park Vistas • Ethan Gilsdorf
Restoration of the Escalante River • Bill Wolverton

Canyon Name Database
   • New Additions
First Descent? • Dave Black
Mae West Slot • Dave Black
On Writing Books • Dave Black
A Sh***y Trip in Heaps • Dave Black
Logjams in the Black Hole • Ram
Fixed Ropes in the Black Hole • Dave Black
Archway Canyon • Steve Allen
Mind Bender Fork • Steve Allen
Truly Mind Bender • Stefan Folias & Nat Smale
The Beast • Ram
PINTAC • Nat Smale
Long Branch • Nat Smale
Fear & Loathing in Egypt 4 • Ken Huls
A Hardest Day & a Favorite Canyon • Jason Kaplan
Bishop and the X–Men • Ram

Escape from Canyon X • Tom Jones
Shenanigans • Tom Jones
Foolin’ Around • Tom Jones
Monkey Business • Ram
Almost a Classic • Ram
X–Communication • Ram
A Night to Remember • Tom Jones
Alone Together in Mumbai • Aaron Ramras & Ram
Canyon Sans Beta • Kris Nosack
No Kidding • Jason Pease
Inferno • ed. Dave Pimental
Exploration: A Canyon Memoir • Dave Pimental
Bloodhound Canyon • Dave Pimental
Benign Canyon Exploration • Lisa Jennings
Middle Fork of Gem Canyon • Scott Patterson
West Fork of Gem Canyon • Scott Patterson
Discovery of Outlaw Arch • Scott Patterson
Ultra Right Fork • Tom Wetherell & Tom Jones

Godzone • Julien Sénamaud
Crete • Koen Viaene
Spain • Ryan Cornia
Agony and Ecstasy • Mike Dallin
Mexico Rendezvous • Randi Poer
Styx & Coffin • Lori Curry
Ophidiophobia • Joe Bugden

Stuck in Chambers • S. Susswein & S. Agranoff
Memorable Episodes of My Past • Bo Beck
Rescuer or Rescuee? • Tom Jones
Heaps of Fun • Tom Jones
Rashomon • Group Perspective
Lost in the Darkness • Scott Patterson
Snake Bite in Oz • Tony Maurer & Joe Bugden
Egypt 3: Inexperience\Overconfidence • Rick Green