Moduli of Curves

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Instructor: Y.-P. Lee, JWB 305.
Office Hours: Any time my office door is open.
Class lecture time: MWF 14-14:50. Tue 10:45-11:35.
Classroom: JWB 308 (MWF) and LCB 222 (Tue).
Course Website:
Text: Various books and papers will be used, including Geometry of Algebraic Curves II by Arbarello--Cornalba--Griffiths--Harris (not yet published) and Moduli of Curves by Harris--Morrison.
Subject: MATH. Catalogue Number: 7800. Official Course Number: 8422.

Course Description: I will try to cover as many topics as possible from the following list:
  1. Hilbert schemes
  2. Nodal curves
  3. Deformation theory
  4. Moduli spaces of curves
  5. Projectivity of moduli spaces
  6. Line bundles on moduli spaces
  7. The Teichmüller point of view
  8. Smooth Galois covers of moduli spaces
  9. Cycles on the moduli space of stable curves
  10. Cellular decomposition of moduli spaces (via hyperbolic geometry)
  11. First consequence of the cellular decompostion
  12. Intersection theory of tautological classes
  13. The Hurwitz scheme

Exams: No exam.
Grading Policy: In accordance with the departmental tradition, A is given to all registered students.

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