Topics in Gromov--Witten Theory

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Instructor Information.
Instructor. Y.-P. Lee
Office. JWB 305.
Office Hours. Anytime my office door is open.

Class Information
Time. Tue Thu 10:45-12:05, and Wed 14-14:50.
Location. LCB 218
Text. No textbooks. I might supply some handouts.
Homework. I may assign some homework and talk about them in the "discussion session". No official turning-in.
Exams. No exam.
Grading Policy. In accordance with the departmental tradition, A is given to all registered students.
Official Catalog Info. Semester: Spring 2006, Class Number: 13978, Subject: MATH, Catalog Number: 7800, Section: 001, Units: 3, Title: Topics in Algebraic Geometry.

Course Description.
The main theme of this class is "Gromov--Witten Theory". My plan is to begin at the introductory level, assuming only basic knowledge of algebraic geometry, and spend a few weeks building necessary machinery for the subject. The goal is to go through some selected research areas in the field.

Possible topics include:

If you are interested in getting some ideas of the subject in advance, you can try the following expository papers and lecture notes: Koch and Vainsencher, Fulton and Pandharipande, Givental, and Bertram(!).

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