Complex Manifolds

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Instructor: Y.-P. Lee, JWB 305
Office Hours: Any time my office door is open.

Class Time: MTWF 14-14:50.
Classroom. LCB 323.
Course Website:
Text: The main textbook for the class is In addition, various books and papers will be used, including Subject: MATH. Catalogue Number: 6150. Official Course Number: 14234.

Course Description: Two main topics: Complex Algebraic Curves (or Riemann surfaces) and Complex Algebraic Surfaces. The level of the class will be decided in the first (few) class(es), according to the participants.
Homework: No formal assignments. Students are encouraged to read the text before and after the class, and to work on the problems.
Exams: No exam.
Grading Policy: In accordance with the departmental tradition, A is given to all registered students.

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