Algebraic Curves and Integrable Systems

Instructor: Y.P. Lee, JWB 305
Office Hours: Any time my office door is open.

Time. TBA, currently TuTh 12:25-13:45
Room: CSC 25

Course Information
Textbook: None, but will provide references and sometimes typed notes.
Notes: Preliminary notes.
Subject: MATH. Catalogue Number: 7800. Class Index Number: 12172.

Course Description.
The main theme of this class is the interplay between the classical theory of curves and the integrable systems. Some basic knowledge on algebraic geometry will be required, but we will review part of the classical theory of algebraic curves. The level of the review will depend on the participating students. My plan is to start with very quick introduction to integrable systems. Then we will review classical theory of curves and their Jacobians, before going back to integrable systems, using KdV as an example.

Possible topics include: Grading Policy: In accordance with the departmental tradition, A is given to all participating students.
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