Mirror Symmetry, Tropical Geometry and Log Geometry

Instructor: Y.P. Lee, JWB 305
Office Hours: Any time my office door is open.

Time. TBA, currently MWF 14:00-15:00
N.B. The first meeting will be on 31 Aug (2pm). There will be no class in the first week (24-28 Aug).
Room: JWB 333

Course Information
Website: http://www.math.utah.edu/~yplee/teaching/7800f15/
Textbook: Tropical Geometry and mirror symmetry by Mark Gross.
Subject: MATH. Catalogue Number: 7800. Class Index Number: 16725.

Course Description.
The main theme of this class is the Gross--Siebert program in mirror symmetry. My plan is to follow Gross' book for the first three or four chapters. We will begin at the introductory level, assuming only basic knowledge of algebraic geometry, and spend a few weeks building necessary machinery for the subject. The (perhaps too ambitious) goal is to go through the entire book.

Possible topics include: If you are interested in getting some ideas of the subject in advance, you may want to scan through:
Grading Policy: In accordance with the departmental tradition, A is given to all actively participating students.
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