Math 6150, Complex Geometry, Spring 2004


Instructor: Y.-P. Lee, JWB 305
Office Hours: WF 12:40-13:30.
Course Website:

Lecture Time: MWF 11:50-12:40 and Tu 12:55-13:45.
Room: LCB 323
Text: Griffiths and Harris: Principles of Algebraic Geometry.

Course Description: The main theme of this course is Complex Geometry, roughly what is in (the selected sections from) Chapters 0-2 of Griffiths-Harris' book. Emphasis will be placed on explicit examples: Grassmannians, Riemann surfaces (i.e. algebraic curves). The pace will be brisk and students are expected to work outside the lecture room. Many long proofs will be left either to the Presentation session (see below) or to home study.

Note: This will be the first course in a 3-semester series of Introduction to Algebraic Geometry.

Homework and Presentation: The participants are encouraged to give presentations on some proofs skipped in the lectures and to turn in random HW problems assigned during the lectures. (Homework and presentation are not required.)
Exams: No exam.
Grading Policy: In accordance with the the departmental tradition -- Did I say A?

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