Yen-An Chen

I am a PhD student in Mathematics at the University of Utah.
And my advisor is Christopher Hacon.
My area of interest is algebraic geometry.
In particular, I am interested in foliations, moduli theory, and minimal model program.
I will be a postdoctoral fellow at NCTS from August 2021.


Fujita's conjecture on quasi-elliptic surfaces. (Accepted)

Boundedness of minimal partial du Val resolutions of canonical surface foliations.
(Accepted, to appear in Mathematische Annalen)
Full-text view-only version

Generalized canonical models of foliated surfaces. (Submitted)

Log canonical foliation singularities on surfaces. (Submitted)


Fall 2020: MATH1210 - Calculus I (Instructor)

Fall 2019: MATH1030 - Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning (Instructor)

Fall 2018: MATH1030 - Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning (Instructor)

Fall 2017: MATH1030 - Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning (Instructor)

Spring 2017: MATH1320 - Engineering Calculus II Lab (Teaching Assistant)

Fall 2016: MATH1310 - Engineering Calculus I Lab (Teaching Assistant)


yachen (at) math (dot) utah (dot) edu


Department of Mathematics
155 South 1400 East, JWB 233
Salt Lake City, UT 84112


The John Widtsoe Building (JWB), Room 112

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May 3rd, 2021