Math 6320, Modern Algebra II
University of Utah, Spring 2018

Anurag K. Singh


Class: Tuesday, Thursday, 2:00-3:20, JTB 110

Office: LCB 124, (801) 581-8647

E-mail: singh at

Office Hours: Monday 11:00-12:00, and by appointment.

Homework: Problem sets will be assigned every two weeks, with TeX and pdf files made available at the course web-page. I strongly prefer to have the solutions turned in typeset using TeX. You can discuss the problems with others, but please write solutions by yourself.

Exams: There will be a mid-term exam on Tuesday, March 13, and a comprehensive final exam on Wednesday, May 2, 1:00-3:00 each counting for 30% of the grade.

Text: Basic Algebra I, II by Jacobson. Other texts that cover similar material include Algebra by Lang and Abstract Algebra by Dummit and Foote.

ADA: The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that reasonable accommodations be provided to qualified individuals. To discuss any such accommodations, please contact me as well as the Center for Disability Services, (801) 581-5020, at the beginning of the semester.

Homework 1 pdf and tex

Homework 2 pdf and tex and diagrams.sty

Homework 3 pdf and tex

Homework 4 pdf and tex

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