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Woody Canyon
 North Wash\Trachyte Creek, Utah
 ACA Rating: 4B II
A wonderful 4 to 6 hour shallow pothole canyon with a possible keeper pothole or two.

Standard canyoneering gear,
plus pothole escape gear including; 2x 50–foot ropes, 2–3x Potshot sandbags, 2x Tiblocs, 2x étriers.

From Hanksville, Utah drive south on Hwy 24 approximately 26.5 miles to the junction of Hwy 276. Turn right (south) and drive 11.9 miles to the parking spot [WOODPARK,  UTM NAD83\WGS84 537141mE 4190702mN] where Woodruff Canyon crosses the highway.

From your car hike down the wash of Woodruff Canyon for about 1.6 miles where you can take a cattle trail up the earth bank on your right (south) at WOODUP,  UTM 539612mE 4190779mN. From the top of the bank make your way across to the most likely looking fin of Navaho Sandstone to ascend to the rim. Follow the fin to the top and zig–zag your way through the fins heading generally right (west and then south) towards the slick–rock domes which are now in view. Take the line of least resistance south while tending right (west) to avoid convoluted ground and make your way to the starting place [WOODY,  UTM 539592mE 4189309mN] as shown on the map. Alternatively, if you have a second vehicle, you can park at mile post 12.9 [MTHILLERS,  UTM 536944mE 4189248mN] and hike east across country approximately 2.5 miles to the head of the canyon as shown on the map.

When finished with the slot, simply hike west in the main Woodruff Canyon back to your vehicle.

Quality Rating:
In the canyon you will encounter many potholes, some of which require some thought to descend. Creative sequencing, sandbag anchors, partner assists and packtosses will be needed to work your way through. Water levels will affect the difficulty of the canyon. High water will reduce the effort needed to descend the canyon. Lower water will reveal two or more keeper potholes. Additionally, several small drops are encountered which require temporary sandbag anchors. Do not proceed down canyon until you have determined how you will escape any keepers as well as how you will anchor or assist any small drops. The canyon has yielded to established modern canyoneering techniques. Please do not install bolts.

© 2009 Dave Pimental