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Merry Piglet
 North Wash, Utah
 ACA Rating: 3A II
 1–6 rappels to 65’
A very nice canyon, with multiple rappels or downclimbs,
which takes about 3 to 4 hours.

Standard canyoneering gear. Rope, webbing, and rapid links for 1–6 rappels up to 65 feet. Wading and a possible swim during wet conditions.

Drive south on Hwy 95 to 0.25 miles south of the Hog Springs Picnic Area, and park at the mouth of the canyon [PIGPK,  UTM NAD83\WGS8 545364mE 4201550mN].

Boulder–hop up the rock pile at the roadside until you come to an impassable dryfall. To the right (LUC) is a short (≈12’) wall which will require approximately YDS 5.6 rock climbing moves but is easy to ascend with a handline once you have someone up. Next cross the wash to the opposite side and make your way up a small rock–filled gully until you can make your way out, up and left, to gain the slickrock which will lead you up steeply to a convenient whitish rim. Then follow the white rim alongside the canyon to its head at PIGLET,  UTM 545603mE 4202047mN as shown on the map.

After completing the canyon, make your way down the boulder pile to your vehicle.

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