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Duckett Slot
 White Canyon, Utah
 ACA Rating: 3B II
 4–5 rappels to 35’
A fun and physical 3 to 4 hour canyon with some wading
and 4–5 rappels to 35 feet.

Standard canyoneering gear.
Rope, webbing, and quick links for 4–5 rappels to 35 feet. A wetsuit is advised for this canyon.

Turn west from Hwy 95 at mile marker 60.8 [DUCKET,  UTM NAD83/WGS84 563399mE 4177515mN] and drive under the highway east to cross White Canyon at Ducket Crossing. Continue about 0.6 miles and turn left (north) at a Y in the road. Drive 1.0 additional mile and park at the waypoint marked [DUCKEX2,  UTM 564451mE 4179000mN] on the map. These dirt roads will have some sandy and rocky sections and may require a 4WD and high clearance vehicle.

From the parking spot, hike 0.4 miles northeast on the road to waypoint [DUCKPK,  UTM 564974mE 4179340mN] where you will turn to the left (northwest) and hike another 0.2 miles to the head of the slot at [DUCKST,  UTM 564647mE 4179535mN].

After completing the slot, walk upstream (south) in White Canyon approximately 0.4 miles to [DUCKEX,  UTM 563966mE 4178936mN] on the map, where you will then exit up the Cedar Mesa sandstone and overland east to your vehicle as shown on the map.

Quality Rating:
A short, physical, and scenic canyon with a moderate amount of water, requiring numerous parter assists, some mild stemming, and several rappels.

© 2009 Dave Pimental