Wilderness Photography
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Harvey Halpern
Above Moonshadow
Descent into Moonshadow
Golden Light, Death Hollow Narrows
In Death Hollow
Iron Mud
Leaves on Death Hollow
Left Behind
Nasja Mesa Potholes After Storm
Monument Valley from Skeleton Mesa
Geology Textbook Cover
Storm Approaching
View from Base Camp
The Cosmic Cube
Kessle Country
Landscape in Red & White
South Cainesville Mesa
View from Hog
The Sewing Machine and Needle
Surreal Sky
Choprock Clouds
View from Stevens Bench
From Ginger's Favorite Camp
The Shield
Hydra’s Asterisk
Hydra Storm
Fall Comes to Cow Canyon
Stevens Arch
Early Morning Reflection
Recovered Landscape
Puddles Looking Towards Spectactular Ridge
Greatest Campsite Ever
On the Way to the Mules Ear
Dusk in the Land of the Standing Mushrooms
Paria Rimrocks
Thru the Arch
Lap Pool
Golden Throne Sunset
Dome Canyon
40 Thieves Cache
Vision at Dusk
Sunset on the Crown
Above the Rush Beds
The Crown
Color Cliffs
Aladdin’s Lamp
Seal Rock
Above Brimhall
Above Halls Creek Narrows
Ridge Run
The Fins of Ernies Country
Ridge View
Fall in Owl Canyon
Big Sky Country
Wonderful Intersection
Lost Cowboy From Piute Mesa
View of Piute Mesa
Hoodoos and Navajo Mountain
Never Again Traverse
West Canyon Midday
The Other Horseshoe Bend
Looking Back
Nuclear Tower, Nasja Mesa
Arch and Talus Trail Tower, Nasja Mesa Ridge Run
Crossing Lehi
Looking into Moepitz
Nasja Canyon Narrows
Upper Cha Canyon
Flat Bottom Canyon
Looking Down into Anasazi Canyon
Crossing Anasazi Canyon
500 Feet above the Top of Rainbow Bridge
A Different Perspective
Unnamed Branch of Tsegi Canyon
Upper Dowozhiebito Canyon
Dripping Monkeyflowers
In Wingate Narrows
Tsagieto Canyon Chockstone
The Fang
Flying Saucer
Clouds, the Wow Traverse
Deep within the Wow Traverse
Looking towards Giles’ Mezzanine
Another Day in Paradise
Back of Beyond
Impossible Landscape
The White Wave
Roller Coaster
Pinon Falls
Needles at Dawn
Paradise Valley
Clouds and Rock
Mexican Mountain at Dawn
Sunrise over Mexican Mountain
Campview at Dawn
Kaiparowits Storm
Kaiparowits Light
Rainbow & Lightning
Early Morning Storm
Navajo Mountain Sunrise
Glass Mountains at Sunset
Morning Moon
Between Storm 2 and Storm 3
Double Rainbow
Storm Light
Flank of Navajo Mountain
Sunset from Surprise Valley
First Night
Last Night
Capitol Reef Clearing Storm
Moonshadow Storm
Band of Gold
Stevens Arch Sunset
Golden Throne
Sunrise by Wilson Canyon
West Canyon at Sunset
Edge of Cummings at Sunset
Storm Light on Cummings Mesa
Cummings Mesa in Storm
Sailor's Delight
Pollywog Sunset

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