Wilderness Photography
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Harvey Halpern
Amazing CST
Flakey Foont Does Canyon Country
Giles Wallace near Rhapsody
Bud and Jim Near Annies Canyon
Stevo, Mancos Mesa
John Corbin and Ram
X Marks the Spot
Steveo in Upper Stevens
Bud above White Canyon
Stepping Forward
Tommy, Oak Canyon
Paul Breneman below Corona Arch
The Hardman
Surfing the Slickrock Ocean
Bud at Three Finger Ruin
JP Lee above Larry Canyon
Beth and Marcus
Start of a Great Day
Bud on the Great Traverse, Nasja Mesa
Wilderness Friends
Tom within Hidden Arch
Ram in Choprock
Jenny West in the last rappel of Baker
Jean Above Halls Creek
Jean Above Aardvark Slot
Deeps finishing Aardvark
Evergreen Dean emerging from the depths of Aardvark
Marcus Leads the Way
EMDC Descend Wow Ridge
Wow Traverse
Giles at the End of the Wow Traverse
Tom Hemphill
Bill Gentry
Tom Streit & Cleopatra
Ancient Friends
Watch Your Step
High above the San Juan
The Three Musketeers
Deep in the Maze
Steve with Giles Wallace
First Descent of Upper Knotted Rope
Stevo Stretching Out
Joe Wrona and Steve Allen
Joe Wrona
Rob Roseen Stepping Delicately
Jim in Aztec Creek
Stevo above Aztec Canyon
Don’s Camp Above Cha Canyon
Stevo, North Gulch
Big Bob Cooling Off in Death Hollow
Giles and Clouds
Climbing above the San Juan River
Steeper Than It Looks
Contemplating the Next Trip
Getting Water
Ram, the Eye of the Needle
Bud Evans Cow Canyon Reflection
Looking Up
Traversing a Sea of Sandstone
Giles and the Crashed Flying Saucer
Giles on the Mezzanine
Bud in the Mezzanine
Getting Water
Flying Wallenda
Atop The Mules Ear
Don't Stand Up
Riding the Wave
Bud in Trippy Canyon
Jean in Alaska Basin
Jean’s Triumph
Backside Camp
Strolling on Backside Glacier
Storm over Moose Creek Aufeis
Annie Warner above Leffingwell
Finally on Top
Billy Guild — Evolution Basin

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