Wilderness Photography
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Harvey Halpern
Carmel at Sunset
Now It’s Yellow
Buckskin Gold
Glowing Slot
Shooting Fish
Repeating Pools
Lower Calf Creek Falls
Giant Potholes
Giant Pothole
Dried Stream
Neon Arch
Varnish and Shadow
Twentyfivemile Wall Detail
Terra Firma
Entrance to Sneak Route
Dripping Wall
Fractured Varnish
Desert Varnish Horseshoe Canyon
Conchodial Varnish
Varnish and Tree
Desert Varnish, Cow Canyon
Hyde’s Wall
Harris Wall
Streaks and Varnish
Wall Detail, Sevenmile Canyon
Desert Varnish
Blue Moon
Black Stripe
Aztec Creek
Halloween Wall
Along the Kitty Cat Traverse
Reflection, Cow Canyon
Stevens Canyon Reflection
Stripe of Light
Red Stripe
The Mummy
Candlestick Park
Best in Show Wesminster
Twisted Formation, Nasja Mesa
Intersecting Planes
White Lichen
The Chessboard
The Floor of Lower Johns Canyon
Orange Is the New Black
It’s an Outtie
Make Your X Here
Lunar Landing Site
Jewelry Box I
Jewelry Box II
Twister Rock
Mothership Pod
Red Wall
Mancos Clouds
Squiggle Rocks above Jayi Canyon
Upright Bedding
The Hourglass
Tall Stack

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