War with the Russian Olive
Progress 2016
by Bill Wolverton

Escalante River

The Escalante River Watershed Partnership is continuing the RO work, and they are reportedly down to about 19 miles left on the river. They are projecting having it done in 2018. Last season they finished up between Death Hollow and Sand Creek, which completed the section from town down to highway 12. When that was done they started working downstream from the Calf Creek Ranch, and made it at least to Phipps Wash. For now they are leaving a short section just below highway 12 in order to have something to show prospective funders how it looked before the RO was removed. They’ve been working below Boulder Creek for several years. Work up river in Glen Canyon has progressed to about 2½ miles above Silver Falls Creek. They’ve made a small start on Harris Wash, but it’s a huge disaster that is going to take a while. It’s the last side canyon with any significant RO, at least that I know of. They finished up Alvey Wash upstream from town a year or two ago, which was another huge disaster, and much has been done on private property around Escalante, but it’s hard to quantify. Boulder private property is finished except for three stubborn holdouts.

Bill Wolverton
July 11, 2016


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