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Leprechaun Canyon
Bill Duncan

In 1999, during the ‘internet bubble’ I decided to get back into computers. Building websites was all the rage, and I thought that I needed to build one from scratch to learn the process. Hmmm ... but what subject matter? Why not something I loved: the desert. Climbing desert towers that had not been climbed was a pastime. So was arch–swinging (turning natural arches into rope swings), running rivers, and of course canyoneering/canyoning. I believe it was called Desertscape Adventure (.com) after my multimedia show at Ft. Lewis and Mesa State colleges. Among the webpages was one with a single photo scanned from a slide of a slot canyon with the title ‘Leprechaun Canyon.’

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Original Webpage for Leprechaun Canyon
by Bill Duncan

I would have never guessed that this single webpage would not only be found but would propagate far and wide. Before long other websites were linking to mine, and thus Leprechaun Canyon was discovered and adopted by the masses. This remains a stern reminder what happens to places that have guidebooks published about them. Lavender and Davis Canyons are among those that have been ‘lost’ due to publicity. Had I known the consequences perhaps I would have refrained from naming Leprechaun, maybe saving it for a few more years ...

Bill Duncan

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