Canyon Tales
— Short Film —
Golden Cathedral Flood
by Bill Wolverton

—  May 23, 2009  —

When I reached the top of the stock trail into lower Neon I could see that the canyon was now in a major flood. I was not prepared for wading but could not pass up the chance, probably once in a lifetime, to see the waterfall coming through the bridges at the end of the canyon. So I went down the trail into the canyon and waded upstream in my normally dry boots. It was mostly as easy as wading the main Escalante River until I reached the boulders near the end where it became quite treacherous. I slipped into a waist deep hole once but with no consequences except for getting wet, which hardly made any difference at that point. The waterfall was spectacular to say the least. Judging from the erosion around the perimeter of the plunge pool it had obviously been significantly bigger not long before, as the pool appeared to have been about 3 feet deeper.

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© 2009 Bill Wolverton