Backcountry Asian Cooking
— Vietnamese —
Bun Bo Hue
by Harvey Halpern

Dry Bag:

1.25 cups Dehydrated Sliced Cucumbers
1 tbl. Dehydrated Tomato Paste
1 tsp. Shrimp Powder (optional)
2 tbl. Dehydrated Sliced Scallions
1 tbl. Dehydrated Coriander
2 sticks Dried Tofu crumbled
3 Dried Black Mushrooms

Wet Bag:

3 tsp. Fried Red Onion
5 tsp. Fried Garlic
2 tsp. Fried Shallots

Other Ingredients:

8 slices of Spicy Beef Jerkey cut into small pieces
1 tbl. Hot Chili Oil
3 tbl. Fish Sauce
1 stalk Lemongrass or 1 tsp. Dried Lemongrass —
The stalk will keep very well in your pack and weighs next to nothing
2 cubes Bun Bo Hue Paste — (size of boullion cubes)
2 packets Bun Bo Hue Ramen or 6–8 oz. Rice Noodles —
If you can find the packages of Bun Bo Hue flavored ramen, use all of the ingredients that come in the package


Like Tom Ka Gai this is a hearty soup. So either Tabouli or Som Tum (see recipe) would be your appetizer, perhaps after a starter of honey roasted peanuts, a version of which is often set on the table of restaurants in Vietnam.

Usual order of business.

Once the 6 cups of water heats up, add the Lemongrass Stalk. Use only the lower 7 inches and trim away the root hairs and the dry outer leaves. Bruise the stalk on all sides every 2 inches, and then add the Bun Bo Hue cubes.

Once boiling add the Noodles and, lastly, the Fish Sauce and Chili Oil.

© 2008 Harvey Halpern