This site has been put together by Stefan Folias in an effort to assemble some interesting canyon tales from several sources into one convenient location. An attempt has been made to include a wide range of topics and experiences rather than to emphasize the epic adventures. Stories of first known explorations, inclement weather, and the frailties of the human body often make for engrossing tales. The perspective of a first time canyoneer, expressing the wonders and challenges of their new–found passion, is another popular subject. Regardless of the individual subject of each story, the pervading topic is the people and the sharing of experiences.

With the advent of the internet, canyoneering has had the unique opportunity to evolve a large community of enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. That diversity is reflected in the stories presented. Many of the stories have been selected from internet forums which have developed over the last decade for the purpose of sharing information, fostering safety, spreading environmentally sound techniques, and bringing people together.

No attempt has been made by the compilers of this site to point out mistakes or instruct upon the methods or techniques that are described in the tales. It should be kept in mind that canyoneering is an inherently dangerous activity and could result in serious accidents or death. It is hoped that you will enjoy the adventures recounted here and that they spark or renew an interest in our wonderful natural world. The site will continue to grow and expand and, moreover, we invite submission of stories and essays. If you have something that you would like to see included here, please send text or suggestions to us at the email addresses below.

Dave Pimental
Jackson Hole, WY
January 28, 2008

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