Math 7830 Homepage
Spring 2017

Instructor:  Karl Schwede
Text:  Course notes are below.
Syllabus:   Click here
Office hours: Monday, 10:30-11:30. Tuesday, 10:30-11:30.


Welcome to characteristic p commutative algebra

Course notes:

  • Course notes Click here.
  • Notes, January 9th.
  • Notes, January 11th.
  • Notes, January 13th.
  • Notes, January 18th.
  • Notes, January 20th.
  • Notes, January 23rd.
  • Notes, January 25th.
  • Notes, January 27th.
  • Notes, January 30th.
  • Notes, February 1st.
  • Notes, February 3rd.
  • Notes, February 6th.
  • Notes, February 8th.
  • Notes, February 10th.
  • February 13th, see the Macaulay2 worksheet below.
  • Notes, February 15th. (Now improved and corrected)
  • Notes, February 17th.
  • Notes, February 22nd.
  • Notes, February 24th.
  • Notes, February 27th.
  • Notes, March 1st.
  • Notes, March 3rd.
  • Notes, March 6th.
  • Notes, March 8th.
  • Notes, March 10th.
  • Notes, March 20th.
  • Notes, March 22nd.
  • Notes, March 24th.
  • Notes, March 27th.
  • Notes, March 29th.
  • Notes, March 31st.
  • Notes, April 3rd.
  • Notes, April 5th.
  • Notes, April 7th.
  • Notes, April 10th.
  • Notes, April 12th.
  • Notes, April 14th.
  • Notes, April 17th.
  • Notes, April 19th.
    The last few days were mostly made up of student presentations, but the notes for the last few days are available within the course notes above.

    Homework assignments:

  • Homework #1, due Friday January 27th. LaTeX source
  • Homework #2, due Monday February 13th. LaTeX source
  • Homework #3, due Friday, March 10th. LaTeX source
  • Homework #4, due Friday, April 13th. LaTeX source

    Computer assignments:

  • Macaulay2 Worksheet #1, due Monday, February 6th. LaTeX source
  • Macaulay2 Worksheet #2, due Wednesday, February 22nd. LaTeX source


  • Octahedral axiom worksheet, not due. LaTeX source
  • Serre's condition worksheet, not due. LaTeX source
  • Divisor and reflexive module worksheet, not due. LaTeX source. (This has solutions to the first two problems).