Links to my mathematical relations:

The following people are related to me (mathematically) in some way (they are in no particular order).

Sándor Kovács Graduate Advisor.
Karen Smith Postdoctoral Advisor.
Mel Hochster He met with me regularly when I was at Michigan. He also was Karen's advisor.
János Kollár My academic grandfather.
Michael Van Opstall Sándor's, first student. He's currently at the University of Utah.
Davis Doherty Another graduate of Sándor's (my year).
Zachary Treisman Another recent graduate of Sándor's (my year).
Kelly Jabbusch A student of Sándor's (she graduated the year after me).
Travis Kopp A student of Sándor's a couple years behind me.
Kevin Tucker A student of Karen's who I used to chat with regularly. A frequent collaborator.
Shunsuke Takagi A collaborator with similar interests.
Wenliang Zhang A postdoc at the University of Michigan who I talk with frequently. We have written several papers together.
Manuel Blickle A former student of Karen's who also works with some characteristic p > 0 notions. We've written several papers together.
Osamu Fujino I've written a paper with him on non-lc ideal sheaves.
Lance Miller I've written a paper on F-pure rings with him.
Neil Epstein We have a paper together on a variant of tight closure.
Mordechai Katzman We have a paper together, and another project in process.
Jen-Chieh Hsiao We have a paper together with Wenliang Zhang.
Zsolt Patakfalvi A recent student of Sándor's. Now a postdoc at Princeton. We have several projects together.
Mircea Mustaţă We have a couple papers together.
Shrawan Kumar We have a paper together.
Paolo Cascini We have a paper together.
Christopher Hacon We have a paper together.
Anurag Singh We have a couple papers together.