Macaulay2 RTG seminar
Fall 2023

Instructor:  Karl Schwede

Time:  Mondays, Wednesdays, 4-5pm

Location:  LCB 115


Welcome to the Macaulay2 RTG seminar. Here's a plan for the semester. Seminar plan.

Macaulay2 on the web:


Wednesday, 8-23-2023. Click here.
Monday, 8-28-2023. Click here.
Wednesday, 8-30-2023. Click here.
Wednesday, 9-6-2023. Click here.
Monday, 9-11-2023. Click here.
(we also worked on this on Wednesday)
Monday, 9-18-2023. Click here.
Wednesday, 9-20-2023. Debugger examples: A crashing function and Debugger command examples.

Participant presentations:

Monday, 9-11-2023. Aryaman Maithani. For the activity, Macaulay2 and Sage, Click here.. Also see the sage file.
Wednesay, 9-20-2023. Eamon Quinlan-Gallego. Here's the code he ran for the BGG package, click here.