I am a research assistant professor / NSF Ed Lorenz Postdoctoral Fellow in the Mathematics of Climate at the University of Utah, in the department of mathematics. My research interests lie in applied mathematics at the intersection of asymptotic analysis of multiscale dynamical systems, nonlinear partial differential equations, and functional analysis. Currently, I am interested in mathematical climate models which involve heat convection, phase separation and solidification in sea ice. I focus on thermal conduction in sea ice in the presence of fluid flow, as an important example of an advection diffusion process in the polar marine environment. Using new Stieltjes integral representations for the effective diffusivity in turbulent transport, we have obtained a series of rigorous bounds on the effective diffusivity.

    In 2015, I received my Ph.D. from the mathematics department at Michigan State University, under the supervision of Prof. Keith Promislow. The focus of my Ph.D. was on the development of network morphologies in amphiphilic polymer systems with applications to ion transport in electrolyte membranes and to network formation in lipid membrane.

    I have a B.Sc. in mathematics from Tel Aviv University.

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    LCB 207
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    (801) 585-7659 (office)

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    Department of Mathematics
    University of Utah
    155 S 1400 E, Room 233
    Salt Lake City UT 84112-0090
    United States