Research Areas: Still under construction.

Under Construction, but here is a start. For copies of other preprints or reprints please contact me via e-mail.

Using analyticity to verify experimental data

o Finite Frequency Kramers Kronig Relations: Bounds on the dispersion.

o Bounds for interpolating complex effective moduli of viscoelastic materials from measured data

Fourier based numerical solver to find effective moduli

o A fast numerical scheme for computing the response of composites using grid refinement

Bounds on the response of non-linear composite materials

o Bounding the current in non-linear conducting composite

Exact relations for effective moduli of composites

o Exact relations for effective tensors of composites: Necessary conditions and sufficient conditions

o Exact relations for composites: Towards a complete solution

o Composites: A myriad of microstructure independent relations

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