Mathematics 5900 Course Outline

     1/9     W     Introduction/Algebra Problems--Equations, --
				--Inequalities, Tricky Domains

     1/16    W     Inequalities/Functions

     1/23    W     Inequalities/Graphs of Functions and Transformations

     1/30    W     Inequalities/Graphs of Functions and Transformations

     2/6     W     More on Functions

     2/13    W     Linear Recursions of Several Variables

     2/20    W     More Proofs

     2/27    W     Exponential/Logarithmic Fun

     3/6     W     Guest Teacher

     3/13    W     No School (Spring Break)

     3/20    W     Exponential/Logarithmic Fun

     3/27    W     Exponential/Logarithmic Fun

     4/3     W     Complex Numbers & Transcendental Functions

     4/10    W     Transcendental Functions

     4/17    W     Conic Sections

     4/24    W     Math modeling Problems in 2d and 3d & Review
     5/1     W     Final Exam 6:00-8:00 p.m.
   Other Important Dates
1/16 W Last Day to Drop Class (with no tuition penalty)
3/1 F Last Day to Withdraw from class

This is an optimistic idea of how we'll progress through the material. I reserve
the right to change the schedule at will, in order to take into consideration the
dynamics of the class.