Outreach and service

BRIDGES conference, University of Utah Co-organizer 2019-2020
AWM University of Utah Student Chapter President
GSAC Peer mentoring program for incoming graduate students, University of Utah Co-chair 2019-2020
Representation Theory Reading Group, University of Utah Organizer 2018-2019
Directed Reading Program, University of Utah Co-organizer Spring 2019
GSAC Retention, Promotion and Tenure, University of Utah Committee member 2018-2019
CQFD, association of students in mathematics from EPFL President
Student representative
Swiss Olympiads in Mathematics Teacher
Deputy leader for the Swiss team

Talks and presentations

Teaching seminar, University of Utah "Students' ownership of their learning and their mathematics" Spring 2020
Joint Mathematical Meeting, AWM Graduate Student Poster Session Poster: “Projective cases for the restriction of the oscillator representation to dual pairs” Spring 2020
Teaching seminar, University of Utah Lightning talk: “Tips for productive groups work” Fall 2019
Talk for prospective graduate students, University of Utah "What is representation theory?" Spring 2019
Representation theory seminar, University of Utah "Restriction of the oscillator representation using dual pairs" Fall 2018
Reading group in Representation theory, University of Utah "Double centralizer theorem" Fall 2018
Graduate Colloquium, University of Utah "Specht modules for the symmetric group" Fall 2018
Graduate Colloquium, University of Utah "Finite and Infinite Hat Problems" Fall 2017
Young Algebraists' Conference, EPFL "Restrictions of representations: dual pairs" Summer 2017
Representation theory student seminar, University of Utah "Restricting irreducible representations of simple Lie algebras to semisimple subalgebras" Fall 2015
Undergraduate Colloquium, EPFL "What is representation theory ?" Fall 2014