I'm interested in geometric group theory. My thesis research is on the Lp metrics on Teichmüller space.

I am also involved in collaborations working on questions about Big Mapping Class Groups and and an analog of Out(F_n) for infinite, locally finite graphs.

I'm currently supported on the NSF Research and Training Grant: Algebra, Geometry, and Topology at the University of Utah #1840190.

While a master's student at Miami University I thought about Thompson's groups a lot, specifically the conjecture that Thompson's Group V is a universal coCF group. While advising a group of REU students as part of SUMSRI we proposed a potential counterexample to this conjecture: arXiv


In Spring 2021 I will be teaching Math 2210-006, Calc III. We will be using Canvas.

Travel and Conferences


Women in Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics. Glacier National Park, Montana. August 2021


Young Geometric Group Theory IX. Saint-Jacut-de-la-mer, France. February 2020

Riemann Surfaces and their Moduli Spaces. University of Utah. February 2020

Wasatch Topology Conference. Midway, Utah. August 2019

Aspects of Geometric Group Theory. IHES summer school. July 2019

Young Geometric Group Theory VIII. Bilbao, Spain. June 2019

Visiting Graduate Student. Yale University. Fall Semester 2018.

Wasatch Topology Conference. Midway, Utah. August 2018

Binghamton University Graduate Conference in Algebra and Topology. October 2014


I support this statement of inclusivity.

Some photos I've taken around home, the mountain west, and at conferences.