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Math 6020-001: Spring 2017
Multilinear Models

Instructor Davar Khoshnevisan (JWB 102)
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LecturesHEB 2002, MWF 2:00-2:50 pm
Texts The required text is An Introduction to Applied Multivariate Analysis with R by B. Everitt and T. Hothorn. There is also Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis by R.A. Johnson and D.W. Wichern, which serves as recommended reading, particularly for more theoretical explanations of the material.
Prerequisite A grade of "C" or better in Math 6010 or equivalent.
No. of Credits 3.
Description More advanced topics in multivariate linear models. Topics include:
  • Multivariate linear regression (ch. 7 of Johnson and Wichurn)
  • Data visualization (ch. 2 of text)
  • Principle Components Analysis, or PCA (ch. 3 of text)
  • Factor Analysis (ch. 5 of text)
  • Cluster Analysis (ch. 6 of text)
  • Structure Equations modelling (ch. 7 of text)
There will be regular assignments and an occasional project. The grade is based on the result of these assigned works.
Excused absences The following are days where I am away for professional reasons. There will be no lecture during these days.
  • Jan 16. Martin Luther King Day
  • Feb 7-10. National Science Foundation visit
  • Feb 20. Presidents' Day
  • March 8-10. Seminar on Stochastic Processes 2017
  • March 13-17. Spring Break
  • March 21-20. Warwick conference on SPDEs
  • April 19-21. Colloquium (UC, Ohio)

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