Welcome to the online working seminar in ergodic theory

A bit about the seminar:
It meets weekly online usually every other Thursday at 8 am Utah time, 4 pm Milan time.
It is organized by Jon Chaika and Gianluca Faraco.
Participants take turns presenting a paper, not written by them, which hopefully admits a nice one hour presentation. We hope that it is accessible to someone with a one semester course in ergodic theory.

This seminar is flexible, so if another time is better or one wishes to give a pre-talk to make it more accessible that is great.
The zoom link is: https://utah.zoom.us/j/95442286929

Talks from session 1 (with videos!)
Talks from session 2 (with videos!)
Talks from session 3 (with videos!)

March 2 Title: Ratner/Masur equidistribution by orbit matching
Speaker: Jon Chaika
Abstract: In a 1992 article where she surveyed her recent breakthrough on unipotent flows on homogeneous spaces, Ratner presented an argument for the equidistribution of horospherical orbits in the context of horocycle flow on SL(2,R)/Lattice. This idea is separate from the ideas in her celebrated work on unipotent flows and I will present her argument for horospherical equidistribution in the simplest situation I can think of: proving the ergodicity of a particular directional flow on the flat two torus. Ratner's argument has similarities to Masur's criterion for unique ergodicity of translation flows, proven around the same time. Time permitting I will comment on Masur's criterion as well.
Ratner's paper


March 30 back to 8 am Utah time 4 pm Milan time

April 13
Speaker: Carlos Ospina