Graduate students

Ryan Schumm: Stochastic process in cell biology (2nd year)

Hyunjoong Kim: Cytonmeme-based morphogenesis (Ph. D 2020). Simons Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania

Patrick Murphy: Diffusion in age-structured switching environments (Ph. D 2020). Postdoc, Rice University

Bridget Fan: A mathematical investigation of quorum sensing in bacterial and communication networks (Ph. D 2019). Postdoc, University of Houston

Ethan Levien: Noise propagation in biochemical reaction networks: multi scale and population-level perspectives (Ph. D 2018). Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College

Sam Carroll: Spatiotemporal dynamics of orientation-selective neural populations in the visual cortex (Ph. D 2018)

Heather Brooks: Dynamics and structure: from microtubule networks to population networks (Ph. D 2018). Assistant Professor, Harvey Mudd

Bin Xu: Mathematical models of cell polarization (Ph. D 2017). Assistant Professor, Clarkson University

Bhargav Karamched: Mathematical models of motor-based intracellular transport (Ph. D 2017). Assistant Professor, Florida State University

Matthew Webber (Oxford): Stochastic neural field models of binocular rivalry waves (D. Phil. 2013).

Yi Ming Lai (Oxford): Stochastic population oscillators in ecology and neuroscience (D. Phil. 2013).

Jay Newby: Molecular motor-based models of random intermittent search in dendrites (Ph. D 2010). Assistant Professor, University of Alberta

Zachary Kilpatrick: Spatially structured waves and oscillations in neuronal networks with synaptic depression and adaptation (Ph. D 2010). Associate Professor, University of Colorado Boulder

William Nesse: Random fluctuations in dynamical neural networks. (Ph. D 2008). Associate Professor/Lecturer, Utah

Berton Earnshaw: Biophysical models of AMPA receptor trafficking and synaptic plasticity (Ph. D 2007)

Andrew M. Oster: Models of cortical development (Ph. D 2006). Associate Professor East Washington University

Stefanos E. Folias: Stimulus-induced waves and breathers in excitable neural media (Ph. D 2005). Associate Professor, University of Alaska

Matthew James: Oscillations and waves in IF networks (Ph. D 2002)

Barry de Souza: Dynamics of neuronal networks with dendritic interactions (Ph. D 2000)

Peter Roper: Noise-induced effects in neural systems (Ph. D 1998). Senior Data Analyst, University of Utah


James Maclaurin (2017-2018) Assistant Professor, NJIT

Sean Lawley (2014-2016) Associate Professor, University of Utah

Jay Newby (2010-2012)

Berton Earnshaw (2007-2009)

Lars Schwabe (2005-2006)

Steve Coombes (1996-1998) Professor, University of Nottingham