Math 6210: Real Analysis

Instructor: Mladen Bestvina
Office: JWB 210
Office hours: just stop by or by appointment
Text: Folland: Real Analysis, Modern Techniques
Meets: MWF 2-2:50 in AEB 360
Midterm: Oct 18
Final: Wednesday, Dec 11, 1-3pm

There is also a secondary text:
Terence Tao: An introduction to measure theory, available here

Homework: I will assign it approximately biweekly. I encourage you to work on it in groups, but of course what you write should be in your own words. Homework is required to be written in latex.

Problem sessions: We'll also schedule informal problem sessions outside the regular class time. These should be thought of as group office hours. We'll discuss homework problems and anything that comes up from the lectures. Time and place: (Some) Fridays 3:05-4:00 (enough time to grab a cookie!) at LCB 121.

Grades: Midterm 20%, Final 30%, homework 40%, class participation 10%.

Required statements

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Exercises and homework

Here are the problems to practice on. We will discuss them during problem sessions on (some) Fridays. A small subset is to be handed in as homework.

Jordan measure
Riemann integral

Tex files:
Jordan measure
Riemann integral

Homework 1
is due on Wednesday Aug 28: #3,5,9 from the Jordan measure set and #1,5 from the Riemann integral set.
Solution to the last problem.

Homework 2
is due on Friday Sept 13. Here is the tex file.

Homework 3
is due on Friday Sept 27. Here is the tex file.

Homework 4
is due on Monday Oct 14. Here is the tex file.

Homework 5
is due on Friday Nov 1. Here is the tex file. For a change this homework is longer so get started early.

Homework 6
is due on Friday Nov 15. Here is the tex file.

Homework 7
is due on Monday Dec 2. Here is the tex file.

Hilbert space exercises (not to be turned in).