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PostScript tools

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epsutil: Encapsulated PostScript utility


lptops: line printer text to PostScript converter


psposter: create simple one-page colored posters in PostScript


prescript: extract plain text or HTML from a PostScript file

prescript is a product of the New Zealand Digital Library Project, and is described in detail in a most interesting published paper

Craig G. Nevill-Manning, Todd Reed, and Ian H. Witten, Extracting Text from PostScript, Software---Practice and Experience 28(5), 481--491 (1998). (full text in Acrobat PDF form) (abstract)

Warning: The journal publisher URLs will only be accessible if you have a personal subscription to that journal, or if you belong to an institution with a library subscription (most universities should).

I strongly recommend this utility; it should be available at every PostScript-using site!


print-ps-twoside: line printer text to PostScript converter