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Aladdin/GNU ghostscript support

Original version: Tue May 21 05:54:33 2002 Tue Jun 30 12:31:19 1998
Last updates: Fri Nov 12 16:33:22 2004

This directory contains programs for support of ghostscript, an independent implementation of the Adobe PostScript and PDF interpreters.

Unless otherwise indicated in the source files, these programs are licensed under either the Aladdin Free Public License or the GNU General Public License depending on the version (Aladdin or GNU) of ghostscript that they are used with, to guarantee users exactly the same software rights as they have with ghostscript. Shell script interface to ghostscript to provide enhanced search paths, and easier system management.
make-Fontmap.awk Program to merge ghostscript Fontmap file with local Fontmap.* files and Adobe Distiller PSres.upr files to prepare a new installable Fontmap listing all of the unique fonts available. Wrapper script to run make-Fontmap.awk in the top-level ghostscript source directory. It will likely need simple customization at remote sites.

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