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Tools for developing and testing software in the C programming language

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I did not write these tools, but they should be known to all C programmers. Sadly, similar tools are mostly not available for C++ and Java.

A small and fast prettyprinter for C, C++, and Java code. I constructed a UNIX manual page for this program:, astyle.pdf,
A prettyprinter for C programs. Code layout is very important to many programmers, and layout style is a theological issue for some; my personal preferences are reflected in the file copied here from my home directory. A much older prettyprinter, cb (C beautifier) may be found on some systems, but has little to recommend it when indent is available.
Software Security Tool
Rough Auditing Tool for Security (for C, C++, Python, Perl and PHP code)
A powerful lint tool for C code. It replaces the older generation tool, lclint. Manual pages are available in these formats: splint.html,, splint.pdf, and
FlexeLint and PC-lint Commercial lint tools for C and C++ code.