PostScript Type 1 fonts for Silicon Graphics IRIX 5.x and 6.x

The same fonts are available on IRIX 5.x and 6.x. No PostScript fonts are supplied with IRIX 4.x, or earlier operating system releases.

Curiously, no separate Adobe Font Metric (.afm) files are supplied. Although the .pfa files do contain character widths, they do not explicitly contain character heights or depths, or kern and ligature information. Typesetters like Scribe, troff, and TeX, word processors, and utilities like lptops and psposter all need font metric files in order to be able to use outline fonts. Some of the fonts below are unique to Silicon Graphics systems; font metrics for the others may be available in Internet archives, or from the Adobe ftp site. This site has the Bitstream Charter and the Adobe Utopia fonts available in InfoZIP archive format.

The following file names (minus the .pfa (PostScript Font - ASCII) extension) exactly match the font names.


Amie.pfa                   Rock.pfa
Cave.pfa                   Sorority.pfa
Courier-Bold.pfa           Stroke-Bold.pfa
Courier-BoldOblique.pfa    Stroke-Roman.pfa
Courier-Oblique.pfa        Symbol.pfa
Courier.pfa                Times-Bold.pfa
Curl-Roman.pfa             Times-BoldItalic.pfa
DJB.pfa                    Times-Italic.pfa
Haeberli.pfa               Times-Roman.pfa
Helvetica-Bold.pfa         Tymes-Elfin.pfa
Helvetica-BoldOblique.pfa  Utopia-Bold.pfa
Helvetica-Oblique.pfa      Utopia-BoldItalic.pfa
Helvetica.pfa              Utopia-Italic.pfa
Honesty.pfa                Utopia-Regular.pfa
Inja.pfa                   fonts.dir
Laura.pfa                  fonts.scale

The same files are also available in /usr/lib/DPS/outline/base, but there the .pfa extension is omitted.