PostScript Type 1 fonts for NeXT Mach 3.x

These file names are subdirectories named by the PostScript font name.


AGaramond-Bold.font                     CaslonFiveForty-Italic.font
AGaramond-BoldItalic.font               CaslonFiveForty-Roman.font
AGaramond-Italic.font                   CaslonThree-Italic.font
AGaramond-Regular.font                  CaslonThree-Roman.font
AGaramond-Semibold.font                 Courier-Bold.font
AGaramond-SemiboldItalic.font           Courier-BoldOblique.font
AGaramond-Titling.font                  Courier-Oblique.font
AGaramondExp-Bold.font                  Courier.font
AGaramondExp-BoldItalic.font            Helvetica-Bold.font
AGaramondExp-Italic.font                Helvetica-BoldOblique.font
AGaramondExp-Regular.font               Helvetica-Oblique.font
AGaramondExp-Semibold.font              Helvetica.font
AGaramondExp-SemiboldItalic.font        Lexi.font
Aachen-Bold.font                        Ohlfs.font
BauerBodoni-Bold.font                   Symbol.font
BauerBodoni-BoldItalic.font             TeXFonts
BauerBodoni-Italic.font                 Times-Bold.font
BauerBodoni-Roman.font                  Times-BoldItalic.font
Bodoni-Bold.font                        Times-Italic.font
Bodoni-BoldItalic.font                  Times-Roman.font
Bodoni-Italic.font                      afm
Bodoni-Poster.font                      bitmap
Bodoni.font                             outline
Each such subdirectory contains several files. For example, in Times-Roman.font, we find
Screen-Times-Roman.10.afm       Screen-Times-Roman.9.afm
Screen-Times-Roman.12.afm       Times-Roman
Screen-Times-Roman.14.afm       Times-Roman.afm
Screen-Times-Roman.18.afm       Times-Roman.bepf

The Screen-*.afm files contain Adobe Font Metrics for screen display of the outline font; they are built by the NeXT screenafm utility. The extensionless filename, Times-Roman, is in PFA (PostScript Font - ASCII) format. The .bepf file is a binary font file in big-endian format built by the prebuild utility from the font metric files and the outline font file. On some systems, similar .lepf files in little-endian format may also be found.

Both prebuild and screenafm are described in standard UNIX manual pages.

Locally installed and third-party outline fonts are normally stored in the directory /LocalLibrary/Fonts, with the same subdirectory conventions as for /NextLibrary/Fonts.

/LocalLibrary/Fonts is also the location of vendor-supplied TeX fonts in .pk (packed bitmap) and .tfm (TeX font metric) formats.