Monotype fonts

Last update: Wed Jul 8 14:49:35 1998

Monotype fonts are most conveniently available from the two-volume Monotype CD 4.0 compatible with both Macintosh and Windows Systems.

The CD includes fonts in Adobe Type 1 format ( .afm and encrypted .pfz ), with a few in Microsoft Windows 3.1 True Type ( .pfm and encrypted .ttz ) formats, together with installation software for use in Windows on the IBM PC. Nevertheless, the Type 1 files are directly usable on any system, once license keys have been obtained and the fonts have been decrypted on a PC or Macintosh.

Purchase of the Monotype CD 4.0 set entitles the buyer to licenses for any eight (8) fonts in the collection. Additional decryption keys can be purchased at any time.

Monotype now offers support for Unicode fonts.

Contact Monotype at these addresses:
Monotype Typography Inc.
Suite 2630
150 South Wacker Driver
Chicago, IL 60606
Tel: +1 312 855 1440, +1 800 666 6897
FAX: +1 312 855 9475
Monotype Typography Ltd.
Perrywood Business Park
Surrey RHI 5JP
Tel: 0737 765959
FAX: 0737 769243

A list of the 2570 fonts on the Monotype CD ROMs is available.

A list of the 2570 file base names on the Monotype CD ROMs is available.

A list of the 844 fonts on the Monotype CD ROMs 5.0 is available.