T1ASM 1 "5/21/92"

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T1ASM 1 "5/21/92"


t1asm - assemble type-1 font


t1asm [ -b ] [ -l length ] [ input [ output ] ]


t1asm assembles Adobe type-1 font programs into either PFA (hexadecimal) or PFB (binary) formats from a human-readable form. If the file output is not specified output goes to the standard output. If the file input is not specified input comes from the standard input. In this way t1disasm can be used as a filter. t1disasm tokenizes the charstring data and performs eexec and charstring encryption as specified in the Adobe Type 1 Font Format, the Adobe black book. The input is required to have a line of the form

/-|{string currentfile exch readstring pop}executeonly def

which defines the command, in this case `-|', that is to start charstring data. It is an error not to define such a command. Another common name for this command is `RD'. After the start of the Subrs array in the input, all open braces `{' not in a comment begin a charstring. Such a charstring is terminated by the next non-comment close brace `}'. Within such a charstring, only comments, integers, and valid charstring commands are allowed. The format within a charstring is unimportant as long as integers and commands are separated by at least a one whitespace (space, tab, newling) character. Note that within charstrings, comments are discarded because they cannot be encoded.


Output in PFB (binary) format.
-l length
Set the maximum length of sections in PFB output to length. Default value is large, 2**17 - 6, yielding section size, including section header, of 128 Kbytes. length has no effect on PFA output.


example% t1asm Utopia-Regular.raw Utopia-Regular.pfa
example% t1asm -b Utopia-Regular.raw Utopia-Regular.pfb


t1disasm(1), t1binary(1), t1ascii(1)

Adobe Type 1 Font Format


None known.


Lee Hetherington (ilh@lcs.mit.edu)