Adobe fonts

Last update: Mon Apr 24 09:27:42 2000

Adobe Systems markets several thousand PostScript fonts. They are most conveniently available in encrypted form on the Adobe Type-on-Call CD ROM; decryption keys can be purchased by a simple telephone call to a number given below.

Adobe recently (summer 1998) announced special typefaces designed for better readability on computer screens: visit for details.

Adobe Systems Incorporated
1585 Charleston Road
P.O. Box 7900
Mountain View, CA 74039-7900
Tel: +1 800 294 1724 (font orders, 24 hr/day, 7 days/week)
Tel: +1 800 682 3623 (Type-on-Call customers only)
Tel: +1 408 986 6587 (product literature)
Tel: +1 800 882 8856 (Japanese typefaces in USA)
Tel: +1 408 986 6555 (to find distributor near you)
Adobe Europe B.V.
Hoogoorddreef 54a
1101 BE Zmsterdam Z-O
The Netherlands
Adobe Systems Japan
Swiss Bank House
4-1-8 Toranomon
Tokyo 105

Adobe's Web server

Adobe's font browser

More than 2000 fonts on display.

Adobe's font list

That page points to another which in turn points to a PDF file with a list of font names. However, on 09 February 1999, that link was incorrect; the correct one is The problem has been reported to the site's webmaster.

The fntnames.pdf file is a 93-page encrypted technical report with about 80 pages of tables of font names, and their abbreviated names on the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows systems, and the brief filename prefix used for font files conforming to the IBM PC DOS 8+3 filename restriction.

Adobe Font Metric (AFM) files

This directory tree contained 2737 .afm files on 09 February 1999. The file dates show 170 modified in 1996, and the remaining 2567 in 1997.

Adobe Font Folio 7.1 (1996 release)

2179 font names

Adobe Type Library

714 font families

Adobe Type-on-Call 4.1 CD-ROM contents

2160 font names

Adobe Illustrator 8.00 CD-ROM contents

33 font names

Adobe Photoshop 5.00 CD-ROM contents

33 font names