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  Matteo Altavilla

    Contact information

        Office location: JWB 221
        Office phone: (801) 585-9114
        Email address:

        University of Utah
        Department of Mathematics
        155 S. 1400 E. JWB 233
        Salt Lake City, UT
        84112-0090, USA

        I am a fifth year graduate student in Mathematics at the University of Utah, and I work under the supervision of Aaron Bertram. I am also teaching MATH 1050 in Spring 2020.
        I am from Rome, and I got my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Mathematics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Dip. "Guido Castelnuovo").
        My areas of interest are algebraic geometry and complex geometry, with a focus on derived categories and Bridgeland stability conditions on surfaces and threefolds.

        I will be on the job market in Spring 2020. Here's my Curriculum Vitae.


        (i) with M. Petkovic and F. Rota, Moduli spaces on the Kuznetsov component of Fano threefolds of index 2, arXiv:1908.10986 (submitted)
        (ii) Bridgeland wall-crossing for some Simpson moduli spaces on IP¹ x IP¹, arXiv:1905.10636


        Spring 2020: MATH 1050 - College Algebra, Online (Instructor)
        Fall 2019: MATH 1050 - College Algebra, Online (Instructor)
        Spring 2019: MATH 1050 - College Algebra (Instructor)
        Spring 2018: MATH 1080 - Precalculus (Instructor)
        Fall 2017: MATH 1080 - Precalculus (Instructor)
        Summer 2017: MATH 1090 - Business Algebra (Instructor)
        Spring 2017: MATH 1050 - College Algebra (Instructor)
        Fall 2016: MATH 1100 - Business Calculus (Instructor)
        Spring 2016: MATH 1210 - Calculus I Lab (Teaching Assistant)
        Fall 2015: MATH 1311 - Accelerated Engineering Calculus I Lab (Teaching Assistant)