VIGRE2 Vertical Intergration of Research and Education Department of Mathematics, University of Utah

Spring 2013








Independent Projects

Brady Bowen
Random Fourier Surfaces: Applications to Arctic Melt Pond Modeling
Mentor: Ken Golden

Benjamin DeViney
Suction Feeding Multiple Prey
Mentor: Tyler Skorczewski

Skip Fowler
Mathematical modeling of epidemics using a probabilistic
Mentor: Fred Adler

Alessandro Gondolo
Characterization and Synthesis of Rayleigh-damped elastodynamic networks
Mentor: Fernando Guevara Vasquez

Wyatt Mackey
On the inverse Galois problem for symmetric groups and quaternions
Mentor: Dan Ciubotaru

Sean Quinonez
Street fighters: a model of conflict in Tetramorium caespitum
Mentor: Fred Adler

Boya Song
Horizontal fluid transport through Arctic melt ponds
Mentor: Ken Golden

Steven Sullivan
A Trace Formula for G2
Mentor: Gordan Savin

Brady Thompson
Binary Quadratic Forms
Mentor: Gordan Savin

Kyle Zortman
Modeling the Progression to Invasive Cervical Cancer
Mentor: Fred Adler

Math 4800 - Undergraduate Research Topics - Polynomials

Teddy Arnold, Sam Dodds, Drew Ellingson, Arianna Esqueda, Chris Gordon, Ian Johnston, Andrew Paulson, Sam Wood, Joshua Woodbury
Mentor: Aaron Bertram

Other REU Projects

Anastasia Cherkaev
Reading course in matrix analysis
Mentor: Roger Horn

Erik Johnson
Body interactions in Stokes flows
Mentor: Christel Hohenegger

Ethan King
Using mathematical models to distinguish whether disease causes high contact rates, or high contact rates cause disease.
Mentor: Fred Adler