VIGRE2 Vertical Intergration of Research and Education Department of Mathematics, University of Utah

Benjamin Richards








Mentor: Davar Khoshnevisan
Major: Mathematics

Fall 2006 project description:

The goals of my research have changed slightly since I began working with professor Khoshnevisan last semester. The changes however are only in relation to the specific music that's being analyzed. Instead of Mozart, Chopin's nocturnes are what I am currently using to produce an entropy table for later uses such as authentication. Having now learned the background material I will need to manipulate the raw data once it has been collected, I intend to continue collecting and organizing the musical data from Chopin's scores into digital format. I hope to be able to produce a sample large enough by the end of the semester that I may calculate a value for entropy of Chopin's Nocturnes.

Fall 2006 final report

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