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High-Order, High-Frequency Methods in Computational Electromagnetism

We present a new set of algorithms and methodologies for the numerical solution of problems of scattering by complex bodies in three-dimensional space. These methods, which are based on integral equations, high-order integration, fast Fourier transforms, and highly accurate high-frequency methods, can be used in the solution of problems of electromagnetic and acoustic scattering by surfaces and penetrable scatterers - even in cases in which the scatterers contain geometric singularities such as corners and edges. In all cases, the solvers exhibit high-order convergence, they run on low memories and reduced operation counts, and they result in solutions with a high degree of accuracy. In particular, our algorithms can evaluate accurately in a personal computer scattering from hundred-wavelength-long objects by direct solution of integral equations - a goal, otherwise achievable today only by supercomputing. A new class of high-order surface representation methods will be discussed, which allows for accurate high-order description of surfaces from a given CAD representation. A class of high-order, high-frequency methods, which we developed recently, finally, are efficient where our direct methods become costly, thus leading to a general and accurate computational methodology which is applicable and accurate for the complete range of frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum.

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