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 The Department of Mathematics offers a number of opportunities for undergraduate students to work on campus, get involved in the department, and further develop their mathematical skills and network.
For questions about undergraduate employment, please contact Director of Undergraduate Services.

Math Center: Tutors, Graders, and Lab Assistants

Applications for tutor, grader, and computer lab assistant, and recommendation forms for these positions, are available on the links below.  You may submit an application at any time, though hiring generally occurs at the beginning of fall semester. Print the completed application and bring to the Math Department home office, JWB 233 or the Math Center office, MC 155A. Please inform professors and instructors that recommondation forms may be submitted to the same offices.  

  • To be considered for a tutoring position, one should have completed the Calculus series and taken at least one math class beyond Calculus.
  • To be considered for a computer lab assistant position, one should have a good working knowledge of UNIX and be familiar with the software frequently used by students in the lab, as well as a good math background.
  • To be considered for a grading position, it is best if one has completed at least the Calculus series.


Application for Employment

Recommendation Form

Learning Assistant Program

Learning Assistants (LAs) are undergraduates who facilitate small-group interaction in our large-enrollment courses. 


LAs help transform large-enrollment courses by creating environments in which students can interact with one another, engage in collaborative problem solving, articulate and defend their ideas, and explicitly discuss the nature of mathematics.   

LAs must have room in their schedule to lead their assigned lab sections (at least two), attend the associated class lectures, and enroll in a SCI-5050, (The Science of Learning), course. Additional hours may be spent doing prep work for the lab, holding office hours and attending team meetings with the course instructor.  

Supported Mathematics Courses 

  • MATH 1010 (Intermediate Algebra) 
  • MATH 1210 (Calculus I) 

LA Application Materials

To access the LA application, please click the link below:

Apply to be an LA


Undergraduate students are also encouraged to get involved with the department REU Program, compensation is available!

Last Updated: 7/15/19