Mathematics Courses Fall 2018

NOTE: The following course information is subject to change without notice, please see the official University of Utah Class Schedule for up to date course offerings, meeting days, times, rooms and instructors.

Section  Course  Days  Time  Session  Room  CompInstructor
10-001Intermediate Algebra ReviewM  03:00PM-04:00PMMisc  LCB 115  LEC  SANTANA, L.
Also meets F  03:00PM-05:00PM        
Also meets T-H  04:00PM-07:00PM  LCB 215      
Also meets M          
12-001Calculus I ReviewM-H  04:00PM-06:00PMMisc  JFB B-1  LEC  ROTA, F.
13-001Cal II or Bridge to EngineeriM-H  06:30PM-08:30PMMisc  BEH S 108  LEC  LETZ, J. C.
14-001Calculus II RefresherF  01:00PM-04:00PMMisc  LCB 219  LEC  VANOPSTALL, M. A.
15-001Precalculus ReviewM  03:00PM-04:00PMMisc  LCB 115  WRK  TAN, C.
Also meets F  03:00PM-05:00PM        
Also meets T-H  04:00PM-07:00PM  LCB 225      
Also meets M          
1010-001Intrm AlgebraMTWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  ST 104  LEC  HEXEM, N.
1010-004Intrm AlgebraH  09:40AM-10:30AM  JFB B-1  LAB  ANDERSON, D. J.
1010-005Intrm AlgebraH  10:45AM-11:35AM  AEB 350  LAB  ANDERSON, D. J.
1010-006Intrm AlgebraMTH  04:35PM-05:55PM  JFB 103  LEC  BERTOCH, K. A.
1010-007Intrm AlgebraW  04:35PM-05:25PM  LCB 219  LAB  RAWLE, S. J.
1010-008Intrm AlgebraW  06:00PM-06:50PM  LS 101  LAB  RAWLE, S. J.
1010-009Intrm AlgebraW  04:35PM-05:25PM  JWB 333  LAB  MATHIS, M. L.
1010-010Intrm AlgebraW  06:00PM-06:50PM  JWB 333  LAB  MATHIS, M. L.
1010-011Intrm AlgebraMTWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  WEB L104  LEC  SCHOENING, A. L.
1010-014Intrm AlgebraH  11:50AM-12:40PM  LCB 222  LAB  BURNS, M. R.
1010-015Intrm AlgebraH  10:45AM-11:35AM  BU C 305  LAB  BURNS, M. R.
1010-016Intrm AlgebraH  11:50AM-12:40PM  JWB 333  LAB  HYLAND, T. J.
1010-017Intrm AlgebraH  12:55PM-01:45PM  JWB 333  LAB  HYLAND, T. J.
1010-019Intrm AlgebraM-F  08:35AM-09:25AM  ANNEX 2056  LEC  PAPADOPOULOS, A. A.
1010-030Intrm AlgebraMTWF  12:55PM-01:45PM  JWB 335  LEC  JENSEN, A. D.
1010-031Intrm AlgebraH  12:55PM-01:45PM  LCB 225  LAB  LAM, S.
1010-032Intrm AlgebraH  02:00PM-02:50PM  JWB 333  LAB  LAM, S.
1010-033Intrm AlgebraMWF  01:25PM-02:45PM  JTB 310  LEC  SCHOENING, A. L.
1010-034Intrm AlgebraH  12:55PM-01:45PM  LCB 121  LAB  ABU GHABAN, T. N.
1010-036Intrm AlgebraW  03:05PM-03:55PM  LCB 215  LAB  ABU GHABAN, T. N.
1010-038Intrm AlgebraH  12:55PM-01:45PM  LCB 219  LAB  HOYLE, W. A.
1010-039Intrm AlgebraH  02:00PM-02:50PM  LCB 219  LAB  HOYLE, W. A.
1010-040Intrm AlgebraMTWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  WEB L110  LEC  HIGLEY, R. G.
1010-041Intrm AlgebraH  09:40AM-10:30AM  AEB 350  LAB  HALL, S. G.
1010-042Intrm AlgebraH  08:35AM-09:25AM  MCD 130  LAB  HALL, S. G.
1010-043Intrm AlgebraMTWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  JTB 120  LEC  HEXEM, N.
Meets with: MATH 1010-045
1010-044Intrm AlgebraH  08:35AM-09:25AM  JWB 333  LAB  ALLEN, E. B.
1010-045Intrm AlgebraMTWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  JTB 120  LEC  HEXEM, N.
Meets with: MATH 1010-043
1010-046Intrm AlgebraH  09:40AM-10:30AM  JWB 333  LAB  ALLEN, E. B.
1010-051Intrm AlgebraH  11:50AM-12:40PM  BEH S 104  LAB  HIGGINS, P. J.
1010-052Intrm AlgebraH  12:55PM-01:45PM  LS 102  LAB  HIGGINS, P. J.
1010-070Intrm AlgebraTH  07:15PM-09:15PM  SANDY 107  LEC  BRENNAN, T. P.
1010-072Intrm AlgebraMW  03:30PM-05:30PM  SANDY 107  LEC  NORDSTROM, J. P.
1010-090Intrm Algebra    TBA  LEC  KRTOLICA, P.
1030-001Intro Quant ReasoningMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  JFB 102  LEC  JOVANOVIC-HACON, A.
1030-002Intro Quant ReasoningMWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  JFB B-1  LEC  CHEN, Y.
1030-003Intro Quant ReasoningMWF  02:00PM-02:50PM  AEB 350  LEC  GOROFF, M. S.
1030-004Intro Quant ReasoningMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  ST 205  LEC  KIM, H.
1030-005Intro Quant ReasoningTH  03:40PM-05:00PM  BEH S 114  LEC  ZAVITZ, D. R.
1030-006Intro Quant ReasoningTH  10:45AM-12:05PM  ST 205  LEC  DICKMANN, R. S.
1030-007Intro Quant ReasoningMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  CSC 208  LEC  ALEXANDER, A. M.
1030-070Intro Quant ReasoningM  06:15PM-09:15PM  SANDY 204  LEC  HOGGAN, S. J.
1030-090Intro Quant Reasoning    TBA  LEC  JENSEN, A. D.
1040-001Intro Stat/ProbabilityMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  JFB 102  LEC  JOVANOVIC-HACON, A.
1050-001Coll AlgMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  MEK 3550  LEC  MCAFEE, S.
Also meets H    HEB 2008      
1050-002Coll AlgMWF  08:05AM-09:25AM  WEB L101  LEC  CUMMINGS, M.
1050-004Coll AlgMTWF  12:55PM-01:45PM  HEB 2004  LEC  HULL, J. J.
1050-005Coll AlgTH  06:00PM-08:00PM  JFB 103  LEC  ACHARYA, B.
1050-006Coll AlgMWF  03:00PM-04:20PM  M LI 1130  LEC  MEYER, M. D.
1050-007Coll AlgMWF  11:50AM-01:10PM  ST 104  LEC  YOON, R.
1050-070Coll AlgMW  04:00PM-06:00PM  SANDY 204  LEC  HOGGAN, S. J.
1050-090Coll Alg    TBA  LEC  DIRNFELD, P.
1060-001TrigMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  CSC 205  LEC  YANEZETCHEBERRY, J.
1060-002TrigTH  06:00PM-07:20PM  JTB 130  LEC  LEE, S.
1060-003TrigMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  ST 208  LEC  CAHILL, N.
1060-004TrigMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  WEB L104  LEC  CUMMINGS, M.
1060-006TrigTH  09:10AM-10:30AM  BU C 210  LEC  CHOU, Y.
1060-070TrigW  06:15PM-09:15PM  SANDY 107  LEC  BERTOCH, K. A.
1060-090Trig    TBA  LEC  CHILDERS, K. R.
1070-001Intro Stat InferenceMWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  JTB 310  LEC  DINH, H. B.
1070-002Intro Stat InferenceTH  06:00PM-07:30PM  JTB 140  LEC  CHOI, S. C.
1070-003Intro Stat InferenceMWF  02:00PM-02:50PM  JWB 335  LEC  BLACK, M. K.
1070-004Intro Stat InferenceTH  02:00PM-03:20PM  JWB 335  LEC  ZHU, H.
1070-005Intro Stat InferenceMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  CTIHB 101  LEC  NAZARENKO, E. E.
1070-070Intro Stat InferenceM  06:00PM-09:00PM  SANDY 110  LEC  BRENNAN, T. P.
1080-001PrecalculusM-F  11:50AM-12:40PM  JFB 102  LEC  GROATHOUSE, S. A.
1080-002PrecalculusM-F  08:35AM-09:25AM  JFB 102  LEC  MAUCK, C. M.
1080-003PrecalculusM-F  07:30AM-08:20AM  LCB 219  LEC  WILLIS, N. S.
1080-004PrecalculusM-F  09:40AM-10:30AM  ST 104  LEC  NOONAN-HEALE, R.
1080-005PrecalculusM-F  12:55PM-01:45PM  SFEBB 130  LEC  NOONAN-HEALE, R.
1090-001Business AlgebraTH  12:25PM-01:45PM  LCB 215  LEC  MOORE, R. A.
1090-002Business AlgebraTH  09:10AM-10:30AM  BEH S 101  LEC  PANDEY, V.
1090-003Business AlgebraMW  07:30AM-08:50AM  SFEBB 3170  LEC  DU, C.
1090-005Business AlgebraMW  09:10AM-10:30AM  SFEBB 3106  LEC  DAI, D.
1090-006Business AlgebraTH  10:45AM-12:05PM  JTB 140  LEC  EICHBERG, R.
1090-007Business AlgebraMW  10:45AM-12:05PM  CRCC 210  LEC  CHACON-TAYLOR, D. T.
1090-008Business AlgebraTH  06:00PM-07:30PM  AEB 310  LEC  BAI, X.
1100-001Business CalculusMW  11:50AM-01:10PM  HEB 2006  LEC  XU, Y.
1100-002Business CalculusTH  09:10AM-10:30AM  AEB 310  LEC  WANG, D.
1100-003Business CalculusTH  06:00PM-07:30PM  LCB 215  LEC  YAGHMAYI, K.
1170-001Calc Biol IMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  JFB B-1  LEC  BORISYUK, A. R.
1170-002Calc Biol IT  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 115  LAB  FITZGERALD, C. E.
1170-003Calc Biol IT  09:40AM-10:30AM  LCB 115  LAB  FITZGERALD, C. E.
1210-001Calculus IMWF  08:05AM-09:25AM  WEB L112  LEC  PETKOVIC, M.
1210-002Calculus IH  07:30AM-08:20AM  LCB 121  LAB  GEORGE, H. M.
1210-003Calculus IH  08:35AM-09:25AM  CSC 13  LAB  GEORGE, H. M.
1210-004Calculus IMTWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  JWB 335  LEC  GOLDEN, K. M.
1210-005Calculus IH  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 222  LAB  BOWERS, R. R.
1210-006Calculus IH  09:40AM-10:30AM  LCB 222  LAB  BOWERS, R. R.
1210-007Calculus IH  09:40AM-10:30AM  ST 215  LAB  EITING, S. H.
1210-008Calculus IH  10:45AM-11:35AM  ST 214  LAB  EITING, S. H.
1210-009Calculus IH  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 323  LAB  CHENG, Y.
1210-010Calculus IMTWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  JWB 335  LEC  GOLDEN, K. M.
1210-011Calculus IH  09:40AM-10:30AM  LS 107  LAB  FINE, E. V.
1210-012Calculus IH  10:45AM-11:35AM  LS 102  LAB  FINE, E. V.
1210-013Calculus IH  10:45AM-11:35AM  WEB L110  LAB  SERBINOWSKI, K.
1210-014Calculus IH  11:50AM-12:40PM  WEB L120  LAB  SERBINOWSKI, K.
1210-015Calculus IMTWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  JWB 335  LEC  BRIGGS, B. P.
1210-016Calculus IH  11:50AM-12:40PM  LCB 219  LAB  WALKER, T. N.
1210-017Calculus IH  12:55PM-01:45PM  JWB 308  LAB  WALKER, T. N.
1210-018Calculus IMTWF  12:55PM-01:45PM  LCB 219  LEC  TAN, C.
1210-019Calculus IH  12:55PM-01:45PM  AEB 360  LAB  STRIKWERDA, H. D.
1210-020Calculus IH  02:00PM-02:50PM  AEB 360  LAB  STRIKWERDA, H. D.
1210-021Calculus IMWF  02:00PM-03:20PM  LCB 219  LEC  CECIL, M.
1210-022Calculus IH  02:00PM-02:50PM  BEH S 106  LAB  JOHNSTON, E. T.
1210-023Calculus IH  03:05PM-03:55PM  BEH S 106  LAB  JOHNSTON, E. T.
1210-024Calculus IMWF  11:50AM-01:10PM  AEB 320  LEC  FEDAK, E. A.
1210-025Calculus IH  11:50AM-12:40PM  AEB 310  LAB  GHOLAMI, S.
1210-026Calculus IH  12:55PM-01:45PM  JTB 130  LAB  GHOLAMI, S.
1210-027Calculus ITH  06:00PM-08:00PM  LCB 219  LEC  BARTON, D. R.
1210-028Calculus IH  04:35PM-05:25PM  CSC 10-12  LAB  LIU, X.
1210-029Calculus IW  06:00PM-06:50PM  AEB 306  LAB  LIU, X.
1210-030Calculus IMTWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  CSC 208  LEC  MORAGA SAEZ, J. L.
1210-031Calculus IH  07:30AM-08:20AM  LCB 323  LAB  REZAEE, S.
1210-032Calculus IH  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 219  LAB  REZAEE, S.
1210-070Calculus IMW  06:00PM-08:00PM  SANDY 207  LEC  MANNING, T. W.
1210-090Calculus I    TBA  LEC  ROTA, F.
1220-001Calculus IIMWF  01:25PM-02:45PM  AEB 310  LEC  HUANG, H.
1220-002Calculus IIMWF  08:05AM-09:25AM  WEB L122  LEC  YAGHMAYI, K.
1220-003Calculus IIM-H  09:40AM-10:30AM  JFB 103  LEC  MACARTHUR, K. A.
1220-004Calculus IIMTWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 219  LEC  SU, W.
1220-005Calculus IIMTWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  WEB L110  LEC  MACARTHUR, K. A.
1220-006Calculus IITH  06:00PM-08:00PM  JFB B-1  LEC  FU, E.
1220-090Calculus II    TBA  LEC  SANTANA, L.
1250-001AP Calculus IMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  WBB 207  LEC  HECHT, H.
Also meets T    JFB B-1      
1260-001AP Calculus IIMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  WEB L122  LEC  POLSTRA, T. M.
Also meets T    LCB 215      
1310-001Engineering Calculus IMTWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  WBB 207  LEC  HONIGS, K. M.
1310-002Engineering Calculus IH  09:40AM-10:30AM  JWB 208  LAB  PEARSON, F. A.
1310-003Engineering Calculus IH  08:35AM-09:25AM  JWB 208  LAB  PEARSON, F. A.
1310-004Engineering Calculus IMTWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  HEB 2004  LEC  ZHU, J.
1310-005Engineering Calculus IH  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 215  LAB  MCGAHAN, K. A.
1310-006Engineering Calculus IH  09:40AM-10:30AM  LCB 215  LAB  MCGAHAN, K. A.
1310-007Engineering Calculus IH  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 121  LAB  NGUYEN, H. T.
1310-008Engineering Calculus IH  08:35AM-09:25AM  JWB 308  LAB  NGUYEN, H. T.
1310-009Engineering Calculus IMTWF  07:30AM-08:20AM  LCB 215  LEC  LEE, K. A.
1310-010Engineering Calculus IH  08:35AM-09:25AM  WBB 207  LAB  DESPLINTER, K. T.
1310-011Engineering Calculus IH  07:30AM-08:20AM  WBB 207  LAB  DESPLINTER, K. T.
1310-012Engineering Calculus IMTWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  WBB 207  LEC  MU, D.
1310-013Engineering Calculus IH  07:30AM-08:20AM  AEB 306  LAB  JIAO, J.
1310-014Engineering Calculus IH  08:35AM-09:25AM  LS 107  LAB  JIAO, J.
1311-004Accel Eng Calc IMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  AEB 320  LEC  HOHENEGGER, C.
Also meets T    WEB L110      
1311-005Accel Eng Calc IH  10:45AM-11:35AM  ST 215  LAB  LE, T. T.
1311-006Accel Eng Calc IH  11:50AM-12:40PM  LS 107  LAB  LE, T. T.
1320-001Engineering Calculus IIMTWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  ST 104  LEC  XIA, Q.
1320-002Engineering Calculus IIH  07:30AM-08:20AM  LCB 225  LAB  CHEN, H.
1320-003Engineering Calculus IIH  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 225  LAB  CHEN, H.
1320-004Engineering Calculus IIMTWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  HEB 2006  LEC  LETZ, J. C.
1320-005Engineering Calculus IIH  09:40AM-10:30AM  LCB 323  LAB  SWAIN, S. E.
1320-006Engineering Calculus IIH  10:45AM-11:35AM  JTB 320  LAB  SWAIN, S. E.
1321-001Accel Eng Calc IIMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  BU C 210  LEC  FOGELSON, B. M.
Also meets T    JFB 102      
1321-002Accel Eng Calc IIH  09:40AM-10:30AM  JTB 110  LAB  MCDONALD, P. M.
1321-003Accel Eng Calc IIH  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 222  LAB  MCDONALD, P. M.
2015-001Algebraic ReasoningMWF  11:50AM-01:10PM  CSC 25  LEC  VANOPSTALL, M. A.
2200-001Discrete MathematicsTH  12:25PM-01:45PM  SW 131  LEC  MOSS, G. S.
2200-002Discrete MathematicsMWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 215  LEC  LANG, S. J.
2200-003Discrete MathematicsMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  JWB 333  LEC  WU, L.
2210-001Calculus IIIMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  JTB 130  LEC  ALFELD, P. W.
2210-002Calculus IIIMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  JTB 140  LEC  WANG, D.
2210-003Calculus IIIMW  06:00PM-07:30PM  LCB 219  LEC  ROBINSON, M. P.
2210-004Calculus IIIMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  AEB 350  LEC  IYENGAR, S.
2210-005Calculus IIIMWF  02:00PM-02:50PM  WEB L110  LEC  WANG, D.
2210-090Calculus III    TBA  LEC  CECIL, M.
2250-001Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraMTWF  07:30AM-08:20AM  JWB 335  LEC  NESSE, W. H.
2250-002Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  07:30AM-08:20AM  JTB 320  LAB  ZHAO, Q.
2250-003Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  08:35AM-09:25AM  JTB 110  LAB  ZHAO, Q.
2250-004Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraMWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  JWB 335  LEC  NESSE, W. H.
Also meets T    JFB 103      
2250-005Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  08:35AM-09:25AM  JTB 120  LAB  TRUONG, K. T.
2250-006Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  09:40AM-10:30AM  JTB 120  LAB  TRUONG, K. T.
2250-007Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  07:30AM-08:20AM  LCB 222  LAB  LIU, J.
2250-008Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 215  LAB  LIU, J.
2250-010Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraMTWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  CSC 208  LEC  BALK, A. M.
2250-011Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  09:40AM-10:30AM  WBB 207  LAB  DEGIOVANNI, T.
2250-012Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 219  LAB  DEGIOVANNI, T.
2250-013Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraMWF  11:50AM-01:10PM  JTB 140  LEC  KRAITZMAN, N.
2250-014Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  11:50AM-12:40PM  LCB 225  LAB  GIEBER, J. D.
2250-015Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  12:55PM-01:45PM  JWB 208  LAB  GIEBER, J. D.
2250-016Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraMWF  01:25PM-02:45PM  BEH S 116  LEC  UNDERDOWN, J. D.
2250-017Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  12:55PM-01:45PM  ST 214  LAB  MCCORMICK, D.
2250-018Diff Equ & Lin AlgebraH  02:00PM-02:50PM  ST 214  LAB  MCCORMICK, D.
2270-001Linear AlgebraMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  LCB 219  LEC  TREIBERGS, A.
Also meets T    JFB 102      
2270-002Linear AlgebraMWF  12:55PM-01:45PM  LCB 215  LEC  KOREVAAR, N. J.
Also meets T    LCB 225      
2270-003Linear AlgebraMWF  04:35PM-05:50PM  JWB 308  LEC  MILICIC, D.
2270-004Linear AlgebraMTWF  06:00PM-06:50PM  LCB 222  LEC  TERRY, R. S.
2270-005Linear AlgebraMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 225  LEC  KRTOLICA, P.
Also meets T    LCB 215      
2280-001Intro De'sMWF  08:05AM-09:25AM  AEB 350  LEC  FAN, G.
Also meets T  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 225      
3000-001Undergr ColloquiumW  12:55PM-01:45PM  LCB 225  LEC  ALFELD, P. W.
3010-001Topics-Hist Of MathMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  LCB 215  TPC  SINGH, A.
3070-001Applied Statistics IMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  WEB L112  LEC  MILLER, C. G.
3070-002Applied Statistics IH  07:30AM-08:50AM  LCB 115  LAB  ROE, C. A.
Meets with: MATH 3170-002
3070-003Applied Statistics IH  09:10AM-10:30AM  LCB 115  LAB  ROE, C. A.
Meets with: MATH 3170-003
3070-004Applied Statistics ITH  06:00PM-07:30PM  CSC 10-12  LEC  BOWN, J. K.
3070-005Applied Statistics IH  07:40PM-09:00PM  LCB 115  LAB  TILLINGHAST, C. A.
Meets with: MATH 3170-005
3070-006Applied Statistics IH  03:40PM-05:00PM  LCB 115  LAB  TILLINGHAST, C. A.
Meets with: MATH 3170-006
3070-007Applied Statistics IH  03:40PM-05:00PM  LCB 115  LAB  TILLINGHAST, C. A.
3100-001Foundations GeometryTH  03:00PM-04:20PM  LCB 121  LEC  VANOPSTALL, M. A.
3140-001Engr. Vect. Calc. & PDEMTWF  07:30AM-08:20AM  AEB 320  LEC  MADRID, J. B.
3140-002Engr. Vect. Calc. & PDEH  07:30AM-08:20AM  AEB 350  LAB  WARD, J. W.
3140-003Engr. Vect. Calc. & PDEH  08:35AM-09:25AM  AEB 350  LAB  WARD, J. W.
3150-001PDE's For EngineersMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  LCB 219  LEC  MATTEI, O.
3150-002PDE's For EngineersMWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  WEB 1250  LEC  BALK, A. M.
3150-003PDE's For EngineersTH  06:00PM-07:20PM  JWB 335  LEC  ELICH, H.
3160-001Appl Compl VarTH  12:25PM-01:45PM  BU C 211  LEC  SMALE, N.
3170-002R Lab IH  07:30AM-08:50AM  LCB 115  LAB  ROE, C. A.
Meets with: MATH 3070-002
3170-003R Lab IH  09:10AM-10:30AM  LCB 115  LAB  ROE, C. A.
Meets with: MATH 3070-003
3170-005R Lab IH  07:40PM-09:00PM  LCB 115  LAB  TILLINGHAST, C. A.
Meets with: MATH 3070-005
3170-006R Lab IH  03:40PM-05:00PM  LCB 115  LAB  TILLINGHAST, C. A.
Meets with: MATH 3070-006
3210-001Fndns Of Analysis IMWF  08:05AM-09:25AM  LCB 225  LEC  TUCKER, D. H.
3210-003Fndns Of Analysis IMTWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  AEB 350  LEC  SCHWEDE, K. E.
3210-004Fndns Of Analysis IMWF  04:35PM-05:55PM  JWB 208  LEC  SAVIN, G.
3220-001Fndns Of Analysis IIMTWF  08:35AM-09:25AM  LCB 219  LEC  HECHT, H.
4010-001Math Elem Sch Tchrs IMWF  01:25PM-02:45PM  LCB 121  LEC  VANOPSTALL, M. A.
4010-002Math Elem Sch Tchrs IW  03:05PM-03:55PM  LCB 121  LAB  RIKER, V. R.
4010-003Math Elem Sch Tchrs IMW  04:35PM-06:35PM  LCB 121  LEC  CANGELOSI, A. R.
4010-004Math Elem Sch Tchrs IW  06:45PM-07:35PM  LCB 121  LAB  NELSON, A.
4020-001Math Elem Sch Tchrs IITH  04:35PM-06:30PM  LCB 121  LEC  CANGELOSI, A. R.
4020-002Math Elem Sch Tchrs IIH  06:45PM-07:35PM  LCB 121  LAB  BAKER, J. M.
4030-001Foundations AlgebraMW  03:00PM-04:20PM  AEB 360  LEC  LIM, B. C.
4200-001Intro Cmplx VariablesMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  JWB 333  LEC  LEE, Y.
4400-001Intr To Number TheoryMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  ST 208  LEC  HACON, C. D.
4800-001Undergrad Res MathTH  02:00PM-03:20PM  JWB 308  SEM  MOSS, G. S.
4910-001Internship-Math    TBA  PRA  GARDINER, A.
4999-001Honors Thesis/Project    TBA  HON  BORISYUK, A. R.
5000-001Undergrad Pblms SeminarH  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 218  SEM  HECHT, H.
5010-001Intro To ProbabilityMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  LCB 215  LEC  JANJIGIAN, C.
Meets with: MATH 6805-001
5010-002Intro To ProbabilityTH  06:00PM-07:30PM  JTB 110  LEC  BHAT, H. S.
Meets with: MATH 6805-002
5030-001Actuarial MathMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  CSC 25  LEC  SAINATH, J.
5040-001Stoch Proc,Simultn IMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  LCB 225  LEC  JANJIGIAN, C.
Meets with: MATH 6810-001
5080-001Stat'l Inference IMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 215  LEC  HORVATH, L.
Meets with: MATH 6824-001
5080-002Stat'l Inference IMW  06:00PM-07:30PM  LCB 225  LEC  ALBERTS, T. K.
Meets with: MATH 6824-002
5090-001Stat'l Inference IITH  05:30PM-07:00PM  295 CH 223  LEC  REEDER, R. W.
Meets with: MATH 6828-001
5110-001Math Biology ITH  09:10AM-10:30AM  AEB 360  LEC  FOGELSON, A. L.
Meets with: MATH 6830-001
5310-001Intro To Mod Alg IMWF  12:55PM-01:45PM  LCB 222  LEC  IYENGAR, S.
5440-001Intro Part Diff EqnsMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 222  LEC  EPSHTEYN, Y. Y.
Meets with: MATH 6850-001
5510-001Intro to Topology IMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  JWB 333  LEC  WORTMAN, K.
5610-001Intro Num Analysis IMTWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  BLDG 73 106  LEC  ALFELD, P. W.
Meets with: MATH 6860-001
5710-001Intro Appl Math IMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  JTB 320  LEC  LAWLEY, S. D.
5740-001Mathematical ModelingMW  01:25PM-02:45PM  LS 111  LEC  CHERKAEV, A. V.
Meets with: MATH 6870-001
5750-001Game TheoryTH  12:25PM-01:45PM  LS 101  TPC  CHERKAEV, E. A.
Meets with: MATH 6880-001
5750-002Orthgl Polys & Spectl Mthd PDETH  10:45AM-12:05PM  JWB 208  TPC  NARAYAN, A.
Meets with: MATH 6880-002
5760-001Intro Math Finance ITH  09:10AM-10:30AM  LCB 121  LEC  ZHU, J.
Meets with: MATH 6890-002
5770-001Intro to OptimizationTH  09:10AM-10:30AM  JTB 320  LEC  OSTING, B. R.
Meets with: MATH 6640-001, ME EN 6025-001
6010-001Linear ModelsMW  06:00PM-07:30PM  LCB 215  LEC  HORVATH, L.
6040-001Mathematical ProbabiltyTH  09:40AM-11:00AM  JWB 308  LEC  RASSOUL-AGHA, F.
6130-001Intro Alg Geometry IMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  CSC 12  LEC  SCHWEDE, K. E.
6210-001Real AnalysisMWF  02:00PM-02:50PM  AEB 360  LEC  SAVIN, G.
6240-002Lie Grps/Lie Algs IMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  LCB 218  LEC  TRAPA, P.
6310-001Modern Algebra IMWF  12:55PM-01:45PM  JTB 110  LEC  SINGH, A.
6370-001Number TheoryTH  02:00PM-03:20PM  CSC 12  TPC  PATRIKIS, S.
6410-001Ord Diffl EqnsMWF  12:55PM-01:45PM  LCB 218  LEC  KEENER, J. P.
6510-001Diffbl ManifoldsMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  JTB 120  LEC  TREIBERGS, A.
6610-001Analysis Num Mthds IMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  JTB 120  LEC  EPSHTEYN, Y. Y.
6640-001Intro to OptimizationTH  09:10AM-10:30AM  JTB 320  LEC  OSTING, B. R.
Meets with: MATH 5770-001, ME EN 6025-001
6710-001Appl Lin Op,Sptrl MtdsTH  02:00PM-03:20PM  JWB 208  LEC  GUEVARA VASQUEZ, F.
6760-001Contm Mechanics: SolidsMW  03:00PM-04:20PM  CSC 10  LEC  CHERKAEV, A. V.
6770-001Mathematical Biol ITH  12:25PM-01:45PM  LCB 323  LEC  ADLER, F. R.
6805-001Intro to ProbabilityMWF  09:40AM-10:30AM  LCB 215  LEC  JANJIGIAN, C.
Meets with: MATH 5010-001
6805-002Intro to ProbabilityTH  06:00PM-07:30PM  JTB 110  LEC  BHAT, H. S.
Meets with: MATH 5010-002
6810-001Stoch Proc, SimultnMWF  11:50AM-12:40PM  LCB 225  LEC  JANJIGIAN, C.
Meets with: MATH 5040-001
6824-001Stats Inference IMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 215  TPC  HORVATH, L.
Meets with: MATH 5080-001
6824-002Stats Inference IMW  06:00PM-07:30PM  LCB 225  TPC  ALBERTS, T. K.
Meets with: MATH 5080-002
6828-001Stats Inference IITH  05:30PM-07:00PM  295 CH 223  TPC  REEDER, R. W.
Meets with: MATH 5090-001
6830-001Math Biology ITH  09:10AM-10:30AM  AEB 360  LEC  FOGELSON, A. L.
Meets with: MATH 5110-001
6850-001Intro Part Diff EqnsMWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  LCB 222  LEC  EPSHTEYN, Y. Y.
Meets with: MATH 5440-001
6860-001Intro Num AnalysisMTWF  10:45AM-11:35AM  BLDG 73 106  LEC  ALFELD, P. W.
Meets with: MATH 5610-001
6870-001Mathematical ModelMW  01:25PM-02:45PM  LS 111  LEC  CHERKAEV, A. V.
Meets with: MATH 5740-001
6880-001Game TheoryTH  12:25PM-01:45PM  LS 101  TPC  CHERKAEV, E. A.
Meets with: MATH 5750-001
6880-002Orthgl Polys & Spectl Mthd PDETH  10:45AM-12:05PM  JWB 208  TPC  NARAYAN, A.
Meets with: MATH 5750-002
6890-002Intro Math Finance ITH  09:10AM-10:30AM  LCB 121  LEC  ZHU, J.
Meets with: MATH 5760-001
6960-001GSAC ColloquiumT  04:35PM-05:35PM  JWB 335  TPC  CHERKAEV, E. A.
7800-001Topics-Alg GeometryTH  12:25PM-01:45PM  CSC 25  TPC  LEE, Y.
7853-001Topics in Geometric Group TheoMW  11:50AM-01:10PM  CSC 10  TPC  WORTMAN, K.
7875-009Journal Club    TBA  SEM  KEENER, J. P.
7880-001Regression & Non-Parametric StTH  02:00PM-03:20PM  CSC 10  TPC  CATOR, E. A.
7880-002Gaussian AnalysisTH  10:50AM-12:20PM  TBA .  TPC  KHOSHNEVISAN, D.
7895-002Sem-Repn Thy    TBA  SEM  MILICIC, D.
7960-001Topics in StatisticsTH  05:15PM-06:35PM  WEB L102  TPC  EARNSHAW, B. A.
Meets with: CS 5955-002, CS 6955-002

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