Mathematical Biology Seminar

Keith Neeves,
Department of Chemical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines and Department of Pediatrics, University of Colorado, Denver
Tuesday April 20, 2010
3:05pm in LCB 121

Abstract: Our research is focuses on understanding the mechanisms of blood clot formation under physiological flow conditions. The formation of a clot is an exquisitely regulated biological process in which a complex fluid, blood, undergoes a rapid transformation into a densely packed porous medium at the site of a vascular injury. We have developed microfabricated tools to mimic this process ex vivo. In this talk I will discuss about how we are using these tools to understand clot formation and stability and diagnose bleeding disorders. I will present results that show the role of fluid flow on the assembly of fibrin, the biopolymer that allows clots to withstand high shear forces. In addition, I will describe our current efforts to use our microfluidic vascular mimics to diagnose a variety of genetic disorders such as von Willebrand disease and hemophilia.