Mathematical Biology seminar

Ryo Kobayashi
Hiroshima University
A Mathematical Model of Amoeboid Locomotion
March 12, 2010
3:05pm in JTB 320

Abstract: Amoeboid motion is widely observed in the single cell movement of eucaryote. We consider locomotions of the naked amoebae which are crawling around on the substrate. An amoeba extends the part of its body to the direction of movement, which is called pseudopod. During the locomotion, contraction of the actomyosin fibers produce a power, a part of the cell is extended, also sol-gel transformation is taking place. We present a mathematical model describing such amoeboid locomotion, in which two models of different type are combined, phase field model and smoothed particle hydro-dynamics (SPH). When circumstances allow, I'll talk about our project which concerns animal locomotions and controls.