Departmental Colloquium 2021-2022

The schedule for last year, 2020-2021, can be found here.

Fall 2021 - Upcoming

November 11 (Thursday), 4:00pm - Distinguished Lecturer Series
Speaker: Thomas Hales, University of Pittsburgh
Title: TBA
Abstract: TBA

Summer 2021

July 6 (Tuesday), 4:00pm · (Online)
Speaker: Li-Cheng Tsai, Rutgers University
Title: When particle systems meet PDEs
Abstract: Interacting particle systems are models that involve many randomly evolving agents or particles. These systems are widely used in describing real-world phenomena. In this talk we will walk through three facets of interacting particle systems: the law of large numbers, random fluctuations, and large deviations (the study of rare events). Within each facet, I will explain how Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) play a role in understanding the systems.